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A Very Melbourne Week of Politics, Art and Wrongful Haircuts..

So. Melbourne. #NewsTherapy with these two oraclesđŸ€“, Raf Epstein & Jonathan Green, reviewing the week that was. Canvassing : Trinity Haircut Gate; Denuclearisation in the time of Trump; Victorian & NSW government’s commitment to child sexual abuse victims’ redress via compensation; White Australia policy masquerading as stringent language testing; Michelle Obama’s portrait and the power of representation through art; gun-guitars (!); SBS’s #SafeHarbour doing storytelling that’s salient; #Atlanta on #iTunes and, the resurrection of nuanced [...]

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Talking Arts, Sports & Community through a Gendered Lens

Tonights #InternationalWomensDay evening at Stonnington Library involved a conversation facilitated by broadcaster and author, Sally Warhaft. My copanellists included YA author and broadcaster, Nicole Hayes and Stonnington Councillor, Jami Kilsaris We canvassed: - Reflections on #MeToo and what it might mean in the future - Equal pay. Will we ever get there when women are still the carers? - What can organisations, institutions and corporations do to change working culture for women (and men)? - How [...]

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Making Clean Noise- the EPA & Diversity 

This morning I addressed an ‘#InternationalWomensDay breakfast for the Environmental Protection Authority (EPA). I spoke to the issue of ”Cultural and Gender Diversity in Leadership’ in light of the UN theme for IWD being ‘leave no woman behind’. It was telling that the Board Chair of the EPA stressed that our physical and social environments prosper, are protected and enhanced by diversity in all its variance. My concluding point was “the breadth and resolution of this [...]

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Pressing for Progress 

Today I participated in an International Women’s Day event with Women’s Health in the West, exploring themes of’ Press for Progress’ and the UN Women theme of ‘Leave no Woman Behind’. I was joined by writer and activist, Kristine Ziwica and Dr Robyn Gregory.  We reflected on "how the #metoo and #timesup movements have demonstrated the widespread prevalence of sexual harassment in recent months.. sharing insights and perspectives on where we go from here, and how [...]

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Drumming Up..

Today’s Drum covered Sen. Cash’s abysmal abuse of parliamentary privilege to slut-shame staffers in a bid to avoid her failings as a Minister, new discoveries in the galaxy and why dark matter matters, embedded violence in hazing cultures and sexual assault at colleges and universities, the latest damning data on intimate partner perpetrated violence in Australia - and cloning your pet; yay or nay. #abc @abc_thedrum #makeanoise #tasneemchopra #crossculturalconsultant

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Naming the Cultural Diversity Elephant in the Room

Presenting today on the issue of Cultural Competence for #MauriceBlackburnLawyers, seeking to leverage and optimise skill sets internally and externally, towards greater client engagement.  Diversity & Inclusion strategies are gaining more traction in a globalised world, when stakeholders acknowledge this is a strength, not an impediment.  Changing mindsets, visions and workforces into models that reflect ‘who’ we are, is the only way to stay relevant and to this end, Maurice Blackburn are a fine example [...]

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#MeToo Close to Home

On the #MeToo crisis, close to home ...an article extracted  from my Confernece presentation at the ‘Agency for Muslim Women: An Australian Context’ on February 22nd "The recent spate of sexual abuse and sexual impropriety incidents have affirmed that the Muslim community and some of its most visible and prominent figures are far from immune to this affliction. It is the community that must police itself and take any and all measures to prevent further [...]

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Women’s Agency: An Australian Muslim Context

In Sydney this week for the two day symposium on ‘The Agency of Muslim Women in the Australian Context’. The breadth of topics covered included: Muslim Women & Leadership; Spirituality & Scholarship; Dealing with Challenges & Islamophobia; Muslim Women, Representation & Agency; New Spaces- Agency & Muslim Women; Facilitating Agency; Family Law; and Identity & Agency.  I presented on the topic of ‘The Toxicity of Hyper-Masculinity & Abuse of Power in Leadership’. I  highlighted the [...]

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Five Panthers Good

Heading out to the #BlackPanther film tonight, literally bursting with excitement. And can I just say, per review: WOW! It is SUCH a relief and rarity when the hype is actually exceeded by the film. I was thoroughly taken- from storyline, symbolism, messaging, casting, set design and overall feel good factor. In a cinematic (and real world) climate that locates the heroic black protagonist as exceptional, BP was a credit to a largely all black [...]

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Thank you, Rosie.. 

Thank you, Rosie Batty, for your incredible work and advocacy in this field. Your impact has been appreciated by hundreds of thousands of women and children across the country , and we are indebted to you for locating the issue of family violence as one of this nation’s greatest horrors that demands resourcing and action to be eradicated Rosie’s message: Dear Friends It has been a gruelling and unrelenting four years in the public eye [...]

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