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Why Leadership Culture requires Cultural Leaders 

Completed a presentation on Diversity in Leadership for the Maurice Blackburn Annual Leaders Meeting this morning. Robust and rigorous conversation ensued around issues of equality, minority representation and the business & moral imperative of recognising our diverse communities as an asset. There's clearly major breadth in this subject, which I'm pleased to see is gaining traction from MB - already leaders in various initiatives, now aiming for even more substantive measures.  Congrats to all involved in [...]

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Diverse Leaders: Learning, Leaning & Leaping in Bounds

Presented a keynote this perfect Melbourne winter morning at the Young Sri Lankan Professionals Network- to the topic 'Diversity & Inclusion'. I shared both personal and professional perspectives on how and why progress in this sphere matters, as a POC in 2017.  The aptitude of this young and visionary cohort was so encouraging. Their interest, uptake and passion to support one another towards a more success future is to be commended. Kudos to YSLP President, [...]

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When Burqas & Whistles are all you got…

Following Sen Pauline Hanson's stunt to appear in Parliament in a burqa today: As an Australian, woman and Muslim I find Sen Hanson's desperate attempts to revisit her Islamophobic obsession bordering on psychotic.  I shared these views in numerous interviews.  How can an MP with diminished mental competence be allowed to hold public office? This level of hate and obsession is pathological. Her theatrics also suggest zero capacity to engage in ACTUAL policy issues.  Her [...]

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In My Words 

This is quite possibly one of the most robust and enjoyable interviews I've had.  Thank you to 'Her Words' for the opportunity to participate in this pivotal series on 'Online Trolling & Social Media'.   http://bit.ly/2vTW7oa NEW EPISODE LIVE! Tasneem Chopra is a cross-cultural consultant, author and activist. As a Muslim woman who grew up in Bendigo and now lives in Melbourne, she shares her story of challenging people’s assumptions, fighting against stereotypes and celebrating diversity [...]

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Campus Dining On Diversity

Tonight I spoke at the Monash Residential Services (MRS) Leadership dinner, to a group of 150 University students aged 18 - 22 years old who all live on campus and University staff. I addressed the need for culturally diverse perspectives in leadership, in order to arrive at outcomes representative of broader society.  The MRS service approximately 3,000 students across four of the University's five Victorian campuses. MRS prides itself on developing residential communities that are [...]

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Space To Be Better & Better

Congratulations Mariam Issa, Janine Lawrie and all the team from SpaceToBe for a brilliant fundraiser tonight held at St. Ali Cafe - supported by the wonderful founder & owner, Salvatore.  Loved the witalicious MC, Judith Lucy and impacting words from Julian Burnside- speaking to the failings in moral imperative of this country's leaders to care for those fleeing persecution.  An incredible meal prepared by chefs featured in 'Every Bite Takes You Home' (Illura Press), this [...]

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Ali’s Wedding Comes Home to Celebrate

Congratulations Osamah Sami for 'Ali's Wedding' premiering last night in his HOME TOWN with the Melbourne International Film Festival. This film told his story with pathos, humour and stirring gentleness. Moreover, it instantly humanised the 'migrant Muslim' without trying, simply by sharing the dimensions of family, love, community and expectations. And what an amazing production team & cast - supported by Jeffrey Walker, Sheila Jayadev, Tony Ayres, Helen Pankhurst, Andrew Knight, Fadia Abboud and superb [...]

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Rebels, Revolutionaries & Us

Home studio invasion today filming some promo commentary in the lead up to the next @tedxmelbourne event 'Rebels, Revolutionaries and Us'- with production crew via Hunting With Pixel's Robert Moorman. Shared views on diversity, defiance and rebelling with grace - and how persistence in these traits is needed to fight the fight for marginalised voices too often dismissed. Thanks for an opportunity be part of a movement enabling ideas into change 

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Walking the Diversity Talk- kudos to the RWH

Congratulations to the Royal Women's Hospital (RWH) for embracing this marketing strategy of diversity and inclusion !  Representation of your workforce that is authentic, while simultaneously shifting stereotypes, begins with responsible messaging.  And a special shout out to Ms Sumeyye Cetinkiran- am so proud of you for being the face for Melbourne's RWH nurses in 2017!  Be sure to check out this spectacular image on the facade entrance of the Hospital. 

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Respect Where it Matters

From a recent speaking gig I gave at Salesian College to their upper secondary cohort - on 'The Space In-between'. To the theme of respectful relationships I focused on the role of communication and knowledge of others, understanding difference over tolerance, recognising diversity of experiences - all of which separate respect from disrespect. Thanks to the well being team at this school for promoting initiatives of inclusion. A thoroughly enjoyable opportunity to connect with brilliant [...]

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