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Iftaring In Istanbul,  Melbourne Style

Tonight’s Sareera Street Iftar at the Meadow Heights Mosque was a huge success. A Ramadan staple, the Iftar attracted hundreds of locals and outliers into its and inviting courtyard, strewn with lanterns, the aroma of Turkish coffee and tables of sweets. As well as providing each guest with complimentary water and meal packs, volunteers displayed an efficiency and courtesy with always beaming smiles. Indeed, between the decorative lights, traditional floor lounges and Turkish delight, I [...]

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A Very Turkish Delight

A lovely Iftar tonight hosted by the AK Party in Melbourne’s north. Wonderful to connect with friends, old and new, including the gorgeous Seher💜. Ramadan is truly reunion season. And that sublime coffee ice cream💜👍🏽!! #friends#ramadandiaries #iftari #melbourne 

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Capeless Heroes For Iftar

Congratulations to Ambulance Victoria for hosting their third Iftar Dinner tonight, in Caroline Springs. The unmistakable community support for this organisation was matched by AV’s ongoing commitment to engagement and inclusion of Victoria’s diverse communities.  Special thanks to Board Chair Ken Lay OAM, for his kind words, Tony Walker AV’s CEO for his smooth emceeing, Dr Naba Al Fayadh for her brilliance and energetic keynote - and the young poet from Sirius college for her [...]

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Making Whey!

Today I was invited to address the ‘Australian Chobani Women’ forum, for a session called ‘Make Way’.  This event was a call to women to: take action, forge a path when none existed and overcome challenges. This talk was part of a ‘A 12 month program’ inclusive of practical tips and tools to support individuals ‘Make Way’ (not whey!) onto their journey. I was particularly thrilled to speak alongside the no-nonsense, big hearted, global humanitarian, [...]

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Fasting in the Streets

Tonight’s Community Care Network (CCN) Iftar, occurring deep in Melbourne’s CBD, represented all things CCN, Ramadan and Melbourne, in one. Hundreds of supporters including volunteers, fronted to this city park venue to set up tables and endless amounts of food (think, biryani 5 ways x 100!) and proceed to feed the homeless, passers by and those who had registered to attend this free Iftar. On a brisk autumn evening, against the back drop of the [...]

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Writing Violence, Writing Change

Today I participated in the Feminist Writers Festival Panel, ‘Writing Violence, Writing Change’. My co-panelists included crime writer, Tara Moss and academic, Jess Gleason. We spoke to many issues concerning how writing about violence can effect systemic change, the challenges writers face and where to next? It was a robust conversation, moderated by Jess, also incorporating audience questions. Points raised concerned culpability of Writers in a #metoo era, media, reportage, activist/writer burnout and self care.  [...]

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Five Year Ted-iversary 

"Ssshhhh...its in the bag!"Happy TEDx anniversary 🎈🎉! It's been five years since delivering my TEDxMelbourne talk 'Don't Believe the Hype, Exceed it: The War Against Stereotypes' The message remains. Don’t believe the hype, exceed it. And own your narrative before someone else owns it for you  TEDx talk   #tedxmelbourne #untapped

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Corporate Iftars that Feed the Soul 

Tonight’s Iftar at Maurice Blackburn was likely one of the finest ‘feel good’ Iftars I’ve enjoyed for some time. From Azmeena’s signature MC warmth (and tears💜) to Sherene’s brilliant keynote on the merits of culturally inclusive workplaces, and then the acknowledgment of the stellar contribution (37 years!) by Steve Walsh to MB- celebrated amongst familiar faces and new- this was a show of effortless Melbourne vibe and diversity. Congrats, Az, to you and your incredible [...]

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It’s-A-Wrap !

That’s-A-Wrap 😏 Producers: 1 Shows: 8 Hours on Air: 16 Interviews: 48 Experience: Priceless ❤️  Thanks Desi Leary for your magical producer powers, our shared wog-wit and such all-together awesomeness.  I have throughly enjoyed being steered in my #ABCRadio host role via your capable hands for the past two months. From SammyJ to allergy awarenesss, Oud players to Indigenous healers and award winning authors to a Diploma at the Hip Hop Academy- the learning curve [...]

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Saturday Afternoon Finale- from Jazz music Sharks to Hip Hop Academy

For my final ‘Saturday Afternoon Show’ on #ABCradio digital, I’ll be talking: allergy awareness; sharks and jazz music (it’s a thing now); a reformed racist sharing his journey; Joseph Tawadros (Culture Vault), a smartphone film festival and Australia’s first Hip-Hop Academy (N’fa Jones). Plus, we’ll be taking calls on Royal Wedding party plans- YAY or NAY.  Oh yes, AND I’M PLAYING ALL THE LOVE SONGS Bring on the Saturday feels

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