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Far from the Anning Crowd..

Inspired by rage and reason- my response to Fraser Anning’s pitiful fragility. https://www.sbs.com.au/topics/life/culture/article/2018/08/15/why-fraser-anning-wrong-about-muslim-australians Why Fraser Anning is wrong about Muslim Australians What Fraser Anning doesn't understand is hatemongers will never conquer the resilience and power of our diverse communities.   Fraser Anning has won the coveted prize for being the first Australian politician this side of the 21st century, to not only call for a ban on Muslim immigration, laud the White Australia policy but [...]

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Multiculturalism & Interculturalism- debating diversity in a super-diverse world

Today I was thrilled to attend a public conversation between Prof Tariq Modood (Uni of Bristol) and Prof Fethi Mansouri, (Alfred Deakin Institute) reflecting on the changing global settings for diversity governance, in the realm of multiculturalism and interculturalism. The latter, a newer concept to me, was explored in depth as well as MC, examining in particular: • Is there any credibility to the much repeated claim that multiculturalism is failing to deliver? • How are [...]

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Crossing Borders: Youth Lead Change for Refugee Health

Today I presented at Monash University and Melbourne University’s Crossing Borders’ biggest annual event of the year; The Refugee Health Symposium. The day comprised of a series of speakers and a panel, including myself, Daniel Mason (RCH Refugee & Immigrant Health Fellow), Sam (MSF), and Tiba, (refugee advocate and student). Later, there were a series of practical and relevant workshops/simulations. Congratulations to the volunteers involved who curated a vital day of learning. You are acknowledged [...]

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A History of Terrogees: an exhibition review

Artist: Cameron Hayes Artwork: AUSTRALIA-A History of Terrogees Hayes’ contemporary analysis of Australia’s political landscape, makes no apology for a culture entrenched in xenophobia. The satirical jabs at white privilege and entitlement stemming from the fragility of a white settler colonial mindset, manifest in his works, particularly, The End of the Moomba Parade, Terrorists in a Cake Shop and What happens when pretend politicians pretend to be terrorists. Each piece examines an event in Australia’s [...]

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Decolonize your colon..and why Chefs trying to out-cook your Aunty are doomed.

Something I wrote for #SBSlife The optics of a middle aged white man visiting foreign cultures and foods in order to show them up is a kind of cultural colonialism served light and cold. By Tasneem Chopra 3 AUG 2018 - 3:00 PM Many of us from culturally diverse backgrounds know the sanctity of preparing a traditional dish from scratch. Whether it’s samosas, biryani, pho, momos, gnocchi or saganaki – we all have that one [...]

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Anti-Racism Champion, in Profile

Was honoured to be named as one of several anti-racism champions, advocating concerns about racism in Australia and combatting systems of privilege that facilitate it. Article “I am a strong advocate for demanding a platform for inclusion when experiences of diversity in gender and culture are being tabled - and am quick to call out the hypocrisy of some ‘diversity forums' which when held, somehow exclude the expertise of the very communities they claim to [...]

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Talking Motives and Methods in Cross Cultural Consulting – An interview

An interview I had with the International Multicultural Network, regarding the work I do, and why I do it. Thank you Khayala Mammadova for the platform http://theprisma.co.uk/2018/07/23/tasneem-chopra-multiculturalism-and-social-justice/ Tasneem Chopra: multiculturalism and social justice July 23, 2018 00:26 The world needs less white saviours and more equitable resource distribution. She is curator, consultant, author and prominent activist and her passion for addressing social justice issues has embraced many platforms.   Tasneem Chopra Khayala Mammadova* Ulviyya Sanili [...]

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The Week’s Wrap with Raf & Brett

Fun times wrapping up the week on ABC Melbourne’s NewsTherapy tonight, with Raf & Nine News’s Brett McLoud. We ploughed through politicians playing the race card and obfuscating the issue of violence against women to point score, media merges, MyHealthRecord: to close or not to close, Sasha Baron Cohen pushing boundaries, a booker prize winning graphic novel, Sabrina - plus a surprise inhterview from Liverpool, where a local recounted experiencing a surprise Paul McCartney show [...]

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Transformative Justice, one talk at a time

Today I presented for a Transformative Leadership Program for the Department of Justice. I specifically addressed my experiences of life as an Australian Muslim and the mental load of constant vigilance. In the current socio-political climate, impacted by local and international rises in conservatism and Islamophobia, I was able to detail the consequences of fear and alienation afflicting marginalised communities - and the opportunity for leaders with a mantle of privilege, to take an inclusive, [...]

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Happy 35th Birthday VMC

Happy 35th Birthday, Victorian Multicultural Commission! Though I left the party shenanigans sans cake😏, I did leave with a heart full of gratitude. Congratulations- for shifting the narrative surrounding multiculturalism from one of assimilation and tolerance, to one of acceptance and celebrating diversity. As the VMC, you have successfully centred, embraced and promoted diversity as one of this State’s greatest assets. Shouting down racism, vitriol and discrimination is essential- and you have championed this in [...]

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