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Shero For A Day

Today as a Board Director, I’ve had the privilege to partake in an @ambulancevic MICA Paramedic shift, with a view to appreciate the requirements of a Paramedic ‘on the beat’. To say that these professionals are heroes is an understatement. I’ve been assigned to Shane, a qualified MICA Paramedic and am blown away by the sheer breadth of his life saving competence , the equipment he’s trained to use and the calming manner in which he [...]

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Moving Images Making Waves

As a newly appointed Board Director to ACMI, I’m excited to be seeing this museum of moving image wonders in a new light- as a leader and entrepreneur in digital technology set to transform how we convey and consume stories & information. If you haven’t visited recently, check out their incredible exhibitions and/or one of the films featuring in the summer program. There is literally something for everyone.#acmi #artysmarty #makingchangehappen #tasneemchopra #crossculturalconsultant #acmionline#museum #acmi #renewal #melbourne#australia [...]

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Summer Drummin’ 

Brace yourselves ! Tonight’s Drum guests featured Tasneem Chopra, Dr Darren Saunders and Patricia Forsythe, with summer host, Adam Sanders.  We spoke about prime numbers, cryptography, distributed computing, cancer care and survivorship, role of Govt vs philanthropy, Melb crime and wages growth My comments per Melb crime and racist invective in dealing with this ... “This Govt has adopted a very conservative approach to the way it views crime. They colour-code. Peter Dutton has singled [...]

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One Billion Ways to Be Motivated

Seriously though 😏 an amazing evening of motivational conversations to transform narratives. Organised by the #MuslimCollective [Reason•Compassion•Progress], with guest speaker Professor Amina Wadud from Berkley, Ca. this was a fabulous dinner held at #TheSocialStudio.  •Eliminate the perceived limitations of the glass ceiling, by creating your building void of a ceiling  •That the deeper and darker times become, the more powerful is the light we have.  •We need to take our single light and combine it with [...]

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AMWCHR: Many ChangeMakers, One Table

Congratulations to the Australian Muslim Women’s Centre for Human Rights (AMWCHR) for another successful AGM to end 2017. Seeing this particular organisation flourish from an initial concept, conceived of by a handful of concerned women, meeting informally to find ways to assist a community in crisis, over 25 years ago - into a Centre today with 17 staff members, servicing local, national and international agendas, is a personal thrill.  I want to commend its team [...]

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16 Days of Activism to Set the Tone for All Days

For the ‘16 Days of Activism’ as part of the UN International Day for the a Elimination of Violence Against Women, I look delivered a keynote for the City Of Kingston  & #WHISE on ‘Islam & Promoting Gender Equality & Respect’, as it relates to Gender Based Violence (GBV).  My session was followed by four panellists presenting issues ranging from cultural and religious misconceptions enabling GBV, through to personal and community led responses to eliminating [...]

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Walking the Artsmarty  Talk, ACMI Board Appointment Style 

Am thrilled to be joining the Board of the Australian Centre for the Moving Image (ACMI) as they embark upon new adventures in 2018.  It’s an honour to be working alongside this team of accomplished professionals, both on the Board and Executive. “acmionline: We’re so excited to announce that we've got some new Board members! Welcome @ilbijerri_theatre's Rachel Maza, cross-cultural consultant and curator Tasneem Chopra, and @madmanent co-founder Paul Wiegard. We look forward to your [...]

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Finding Faith in Conflict

Attending the ‘Faith-Based Governance Dispute Resolution Conference at Victoria University. Morning session was ‘Between Religion & Democracy: How can religious law fit within a secular legal system? Speakers included a Jewish and Anglican professor.  Mid-morning session looked at a panel on ‘Conciliating Cultures: Family Dispute Resolution in faith based communities’ - hearing Muslim, Jewish and Indigenous community perspectives.  Afternoon session:Religion & Respectful Relationships: Family violence prevention in faith based communities’, examining broader legal implications and the [...]

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Highly Commended Heroes

At the 2017 VicHealth Awards, acknowledging the significant achievements of individuals and organisations across the State, championing award winning health initiatives. Particularly excited for #AmbulanceVic for being a finalist in the #ImprovingMentalWellBeing category for their ‘Mental Health & Well Being Strategy 2016-2019’- who took out a ‘Highly Commended’ placing in this category!!Absolutely proud of this world class organisation delivering excellence in patient care and workforce wellbeing.

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