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National Press Address- with Punch

March 15th, 2017|

Today I attended the National Press Club where Sen. Richard DiNatale , leader of the The Greens, made his first address since the election.  He canvassed issues of: A free and independent media Curtailing right [...]

Testing Justice in Bold Ways

March 10th, 2017|

 "From a well being perspective, intersectionality of race, religion, gender and mental health is critical to public health because it 'embraces rather than avoids the complexities that are essential to understanding social inequities' which in [...]

If you don’t know, now you do..

March 4th, 2017|

Ahead of International Women's Day next Wednesday, the #heraldsun profiles 50 Victorian women doing extraordinary things in their chosen fields. They pay tribute to them to in a magazine feature-  '50 Women You Need to [...]

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