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Talking Grit & Game in a Post-truth World

 Thanks for the invite, Flemington Community Centre -to your Annual Iftar. Another Ramadan staple, this event is a delight to attend as it is developed and delivered by local young people attracting other young people from all cultural backgrounds to increase understanding and reduce racism. I gave a brief speech about how communities can learn to work together and advocate/respond to barriers and naysayers. Diversity is a powerful asset.  These young people have demonstrated capacity [...]

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Writing Violence, Writing Change

Today I participated in the Feminist Writers Festival Panel, ‘Writing Violence, Writing Change’. My co-panelists included crime writer, Tara Moss and academic, Jess Gleason. We spoke to many issues concerning how writing about violence can effect systemic change, the challenges writers face and where to next? It was a robust conversation, moderated by Jess, also incorporating audience questions. Points raised concerned culpability of Writers in a #metoo era, media, reportage, activist/writer burnout and self care.  [...]

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Five Year Ted-iversary 

"Ssshhhh...its in the bag!"Happy TEDx anniversary 🎈🎉! It's been five years since delivering my TEDxMelbourne talk 'Don't Believe the Hype, Exceed it: The War Against Stereotypes' The message remains. Don’t believe the hype, exceed it. And own your narrative before someone else owns it for you  TEDx talk   #tedxmelbourne #untapped

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Call to Alms

Enjoyed presenting a guest lecture at RMIT for the 2nd year Global Studies cohort, on the topic of ‘Zakat(Alms Giving) via Muslim Development NGO’s, within Australia’. From community based entities, to larger structural set ups, these charity initiatives were discussed.   This was an opportunity to share the values and human rights principles manifest in their charter and operations, many of which were aligned to SDG’s and international charity organisation compliance standards. #tasneemchopra #crosscuulturalconsultant

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Disrupting the Joint- Artfully

Enjoyed a fabulous evening tonight dissecting the the pathways to ‘Inclusive Workplaces for Better Organisational Outcomes’, run by Deakin University Arts Management. This was a conversation focused on diversifying organisational practice and audience engagement- both sorely lacking across the arts sector in this country. Sonia Lindsay, leading expert on culture and change and former Executive Director HR at Arts Centre Melbourne delivered a powerful keynote.  Panel members included: Tasneem Chopra (author, consultant and curator), Shona [...]

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Penalties & Purpose

Tonight in Canberra at The #TuggeranongArtsCentre, I participated in a panel called ‘Penalties & Purpose’, as part of the centre’s ‘The Human Condition’ program.  The program comprises several projects that explore themes from ‘Another Day in Paradise’- a major exhibition by artist Myuran Sukumaran, who along with Andrew Chan and Van Nguyen faced the death penalty in Indonesia.  My panel discussion was facilitated by former ABC correspondent Ginny Stein, who covered the reintroduction of the [...]

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But Where Are You Really From?

Tonight I presented a keynote address for the Human Rights Forum, ‘Where Are You Really From’- held by @cityofgreaterbendigo and @zindafestival .  Following my keynote, a superb panel discussion ensued about identity & belonging and how navigating these issues affects our human rights. Facilitated by Kate McInnes (LCMS), my copanellists included Rodney (Dja Dja Warrung leader), Lisa Chesters MP, Sonia Vignjevic (VMC), Moustapha Al Rawi (resident) and myself. Audience participation was high, indicating a passion [...]

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Talking Arts, Sports & Community through a Gendered Lens

Tonights #InternationalWomensDay evening at Stonnington Library involved a conversation facilitated by broadcaster and author, Sally Warhaft. My copanellists included YA author and broadcaster, Nicole Hayes and Stonnington Councillor, Jami Kilsaris We canvassed: - Reflections on #MeToo and what it might mean in the future - Equal pay. Will we ever get there when women are still the carers? - What can organisations, institutions and corporations do to change working culture for women (and men)? - How [...]

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Making Clean Noise- the EPA & Diversity 

This morning I addressed an ‘#InternationalWomensDay breakfast for the Environmental Protection Authority (EPA). I spoke to the issue of ”Cultural and Gender Diversity in Leadership’ in light of the UN theme for IWD being ‘leave no woman behind’. It was telling that the Board Chair of the EPA stressed that our physical and social environments prosper, are protected and enhanced by diversity in all its variance. My concluding point was “the breadth and resolution of this [...]

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Pressing for Progress 

Today I participated in an International Women’s Day event with Women’s Health in the West, exploring themes of’ Press for Progress’ and the UN Women theme of ‘Leave no Woman Behind’. I was joined by writer and activist, Kristine Ziwica and Dr Robyn Gregory.  We reflected on "how the #metoo and #timesup movements have demonstrated the widespread prevalence of sexual harassment in recent months.. sharing insights and perspectives on where we go from here, and how [...]

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