Disrupting the Joint- Artfully

Enjoyed a fabulous evening tonight dissecting the the pathways to ‘Inclusive Workplaces for Better Organisational Outcomes’, run by Deakin University Arts Management. This was a conversation focused on diversifying organisational practice and audience engagement- both sorely lacking across the arts sector in this country. Sonia Lindsay, leading expert on culture and change and former Executive Director HR at Arts Centre Melbourne delivered a powerful keynote.  Panel members included: Tasneem Chopra (author, consultant and curator), Shona [...]

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A Day in Paramedic Observer Shift Life

Am so grateful for spending the day with an ALS team from Reservoir for Ambulance Victoria.  In a shift that spanned 11.5hours, I observed paramedics, Jack and Sam ,attend five emergency calls and make patient transfers to four different hospitals. In this time, their care, compassion and extensive skills never waned for a minute.  I watched them deal with a young mother suffering from fatigue and disorientation, a middle aged patient with impaired mental health [...]

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Naming the Cultural Diversity Elephant in the Room

Presenting today on the issue of Cultural Competence for #MauriceBlackburnLawyers, seeking to leverage and optimise skill sets internally and externally, towards greater client engagement.  Diversity & Inclusion strategies are gaining more traction in a globalised world, when stakeholders acknowledge this is a strength, not an impediment.  Changing mindsets, visions and workforces into models that reflect ‘who’ we are, is the only way to stay relevant and to this end, Maurice Blackburn are a fine example [...]

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Shero For A Day

Today as a Board Director, I’ve had the privilege to partake in an @ambulancevic MICA Paramedic shift, with a view to appreciate the requirements of a Paramedic ‘on the beat’. To say that these professionals are heroes is an understatement. I’ve been assigned to Shane, a qualified MICA Paramedic and am blown away by the sheer breadth of his life saving competence , the equipment he’s trained to use and the calming manner in which he [...]

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One Billion Ways to Be Motivated

Seriously though 😏 an amazing evening of motivational conversations to transform narratives. Organised by the #MuslimCollective [Reason•Compassion•Progress], with guest speaker Professor Amina Wadud from Berkley, Ca. this was a fabulous dinner held at #TheSocialStudio.  •Eliminate the perceived limitations of the glass ceiling, by creating your building void of a ceiling  •That the deeper and darker times become, the more powerful is the light we have.  •We need to take our single light and combine it with [...]

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AMWCHR: Many ChangeMakers, One Table

Congratulations to the Australian Muslim Women’s Centre for Human Rights (AMWCHR) for another successful AGM to end 2017. Seeing this particular organisation flourish from an initial concept, conceived of by a handful of concerned women, meeting informally to find ways to assist a community in crisis, over 25 years ago - into a Centre today with 17 staff members, servicing local, national and international agendas, is a personal thrill.  I want to commend its team [...]

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11 Portraits & True Love Stories for ‘Ali’s Wedding’ film launch

Pretty chuffed to be involved in this series of that speaks of the  breadth of what love means and how it manifests in ways that are vital to our well being - these are stories that can be told a million different ways.  The #AlisWedding team, director Fadia Abboud and photographer @hodaafshar, are proud to launch their special project, ‘11 True Love Stories’. Drawn from interviews with eleven Muslim-Australians, these powerful and personal stories of [...]

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Messages That Matter

Dinner at the @victoriapolice Iftar in fine company of @benevolenceaustralia's Saara & Jessica. A beautiful evening affirming why multiculturalism is one of Victoria's greatest assets delivered with powerful and timely messaging ?? Meanwhile, in other news, am excited for proactive projects in the pipeline ?? #melbourne #waterfront #ramadandiaries #tasneemchopra #crossculturalconsultant

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Debating our Moral Citizenship Compass

Fascinating day shooting a documentary for ABC's Compass program  on what defines citizenship and how do you measure belonging, in "Team Australia", scheduled to air in July.  A diverse panel and strong opinions informed views, resulting in a revamp of a citizenship test based on 'citizen contributions'. Thanks Neer, Pete, Kumi, Dee, Paul,Jacinta and all the amazing Compass crew for this opportunity.  #makesocialchange #makechangehappen #makeanoise #makeitloud #endxenophobia

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A Greek, Italian & Kenyan walk into an Iftar…

Tonight I attended the AMAFHH Iftar, whose tag reads "Multicultural & Proud of it". An evening awash with colour, food and beautiful company, including Teresa Defazio and VMC Chair, Helen Kapelos.  Helen shared a candid presentation of her shared practice of faith rituals, like Lent, symbolising ties to her identity. All speakers echoed the gains to be had from a diverse community whose beliefs of peace and understanding enrich our society. 

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