Toot Toot: A train wreck on the Campaign trail for 2016

Excerpts from my piece on the election scorecard, via Crikey: "In an appalling show of wedge politics writ large, the equating of ‘illiterate and innumerate’ refugees with stealing Australian jobs (yet who languish on welfare?) was pronounced by Dutton, then endorsed by the PM. Seriously. While polls revealed the economy as the most pressing issue influencing voters, with refugees, the lowest, the government’s decision to link the two in an inspired commentary of political dog [...]

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The Drum roll..

Finished a panel with Sally Sara (Foreign Correspondent), Paul Malley (The Australian), Hayder El-Khoei (Chatham House, UK) and host Julia Baird. Covered the Channel 9 media ethics disaster re paying kidnappers for a story, the Aust government approach to CVE and the Queen's 90th Birthday-do we care (not too much apparently). Great panelists and robust discussion on The Drum tonight. [...]

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Quills Amid the Culls

The #QuillsAward tonight was an acknowledgement of Victorian excellence in journalism and photojournalism across all portals.  There were numerous winners who stood out, including Adele Ferguson for Journalist of the Year (Four Corners investigative report exposing exploitation of foreign workers by corrupt CEO), Waleed Aly (feature writing and The Project) and The Age photographer, Joe Armao.  The mood was sombre given the Fairfax CEO's announcement  in the previous 36 hours, to cull over 120 positions [...]

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One Billion Still Rising 

Remembering the two year anniversary since my part in the #OneBillionRising global campaign to end violence against women.  Violence in all its forms is unacceptable. Changing language, attitudes, behaviour and perceptions in which women are objectified and dismissed requires a whole of society approach. And men in particular need to drive this change.  By acknowledging the way male privilege fuels a culture that diminishes their role in perpetuating violent behaviours, we all lose.  Teach, model, [...]

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Vintage Vibes with Colour

Enjoyed a vintage styled shoot by @thefashionmarketau for @stellamagazine this afternoon at the Abbotsford Convent grounds in Melbourne. Under the creative direction of Natasha Jynel, styling by Tamara,  photography by Sebastian and makeup by Bianca, we maximised some artsy fun in the sun. Between backdrops of rustic doorways and sun flecked courtyards, and fuelled with Beyoncé beats and plenty of attitude, this shoot to celebrate Mothers Day was ridiculous fun! Loving these stunning clothes from [...]

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A Muslim, a Catholic and Jew walk into a radio station…

Discussing community crises, judgement and values with Kristine Keneally, Rabbi Zalman and me (in Tardis) on ABC RN this Christmas Eve morning, with host, Hamish McDonald.       From bad PM's, engagement fatigue and universal values of decency , we covered some scintillating ground during this program.  #melbourne @abcradionational   #ABC #RADIO

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Getting It Write- Media Guide for Good Reason

In Brisbane today, I participated in Griffith University's 'Reporting Islam: best media practices' Roundtable, with various project stakeholders and team members. This project aims to create a learning model by way of an app, booklet and teaching resources. RI's core objective is to ensure fair and accurate reportage about Islam and Muslim issues in Australia for journalists.  Over the next year, this project is expected to execute delivery of these learning resources, overseen by an [...]

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Iranian film noire Subverting Cultural Hype

I enjoyed being in conversation with amazing writer and feminist commentator, Clementine Ford following a screening of 'A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night' at the Speakeasy Cinema tonight.  Produced by Iranian filmmaker, AnaLily Amirpour, this cult classic, merged genres of Americana, punk, noire & spaghetti western at times. The central female protagonist subverted numerous stereotypes of gender and cultural norms, delivering a powerful, frightening yet awesome badass superhero.  The minimalist dialogue and stunning b&w [...]

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