Driving Justice for Women

As part of the sixteen days of Activism to End Violence Against Women & Children , I watched 'Driving with Selvi' for the Human Rights Film Festival (HRAFF). Following this I participated in a post screening panel with representatives from Macauley Family Services and Plan International's 'Because I'm A Girl' campaign. We reviewed the importance of structural solutions to addressing misogynistic culture, starting with education (eg Respectful Relationships) to structural reform from government funding welfare, [...]

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Engaging Disruption

Presented as a panellist at the #DigiEngage forum today, speaking with Hass Dellal and Kuranda Seyit about Identity & Belonging. Touching on anecdotal references with the audience of largely high school students across Melbourne, we explained the importance of disrupting bigoted narratives. Social media as a tool for social change provides a platform for diverse voices to show solidarity.  Governments, in turn, need to hear the voices in this space with a view to being [...]

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Drum Roll: Fees, Guns, Votes & Leakes

Tonight on @abcthedrum we talked #GP fees, #gunlaws #illegalvoting and #WikiLeaks. Host was John Barron and copanellists were the Guardian Australia's Paul Farrell, and the Executive Director of Schools in the Catholic Diocese of Parramatta, NSW Greg Whitby. Some feisty differences of opinion between the left and right (literally!) side of the panel at times- (note: expression:). I mentioned the right of the public to be informed, for our government to do more to curb [...]

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Commodified Compassion

Memo to Govt & Media: This is Omran. He and a few others were just rescued following the  bombing of his home in Aleppo last night. While the magnitude of the catastrophe that is Syria defies even my comprehension, what is abundantly clear is that innocent civilians represent human point scores in a barbaric bid to out-bomb, out-number and out-destroy the opponent.  Meanwhile, in Aleppo, NO AID has reached its civilians in over a [...]

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Islam. I. Am; A doco in the wings

Tonight in Parramatta, the Information and Cultural Exchange (ICE) hosted a forum attended by Muslim screen-based artists, filmmakers and journalists, keen to hear about ISLAM. I AM, an early development opportunity coordinated by Jungle in association with I.C.E.  This first stage of development was jointly funded by Screen NSW and the ABC. The facilitators invited expressions of interest from Australian Muslim to participate in the project, from conception to execution of their own stories in [...]

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From Aus Pol to Pokemon in 30 minutes!

Tonights Drum episode was moderated by John Barron. My co-panellists included, Jackie Kelly (former Howard minister), Shane Wright (WA Times, Finance editor), and live from UK, Tom McTaigh (Politico, editor).  A lively conversation ensued on various topics including One Nations's plagiarised content on their website, the loss of Liberal seats in Western Sydney, the Coalitons proposed retrospective super policy, Theresa May,  British PM in waiting - and 'Pokemon Go'-yes or no ? The verdict ? [...]

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Reflections & Forecasts on LaTrobe  Life

Back at my old Masters haunt, LaTrobe Uni, participating in a 'Living Histories' project, leading up to their 50th Birthday in 2017.  I shared my reasons for studying a Masters in International Development, highlights of campus life, takeaways post graduation and hopes for the Uni's outlook 15 years from now.  I conveyed my hopes for free education (pipe dreaming) and diversity across teaching models and Uni admin - not being content with diversity alone reflected [...]

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Drumming to An Election Beat

Live feeding for The Drum tonight from Melbourne to Sydney studio. Co-panellists included Peter Lewis, Essential Media and Simon Cowan, Centre for Independent Studies Economist in Sydney; Mark Di Stefano, BuzzfeedOz Political Editor in Canberra and guest Dr Rodger Shanahan, Lowy Institute on the Istanbul attacks. Other topics fielded were the Thornliegh mosque car bomb, the plebiscite, political promises, election 'attack' advertising and the Zika virus- an olympics games attending deal breaker or not.  An [...]

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The ABC of Diversity- Merit comes in all colours

Today I presented on a diversity panel, 'Creative Offroads' for the ABC, to discuss the impact of stereotypes on screen in news and film.  Amazing co-presenters, including:  Jeremy Fernandez, Journalist, ABC (moderator)  Tasneem Chopra Author, Cross-Cultural Consultant, Curator & Activist Tony Ayres, Director, Producer & Co-Founder, Matchbox Pictures,  Sally Riley, Executive-Screen content,  Dr Tim Soutphommasane- Race Discrimination Commissioner, Michelle Fonesca- Head of Strategy & Staff Development, ABC News,    Matt Deaner CEO, SPA,  Rebecca Moystyn- [...]

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