Drumming to a Brexit & Human Rights beat

Tonight on #TheDrum we discussed Brexit, the Australia-China extradition treaty & ACTU's call for $45/week increase to the minimum wage. Plus cats.  Joining host Ellen Fanning were co-host of ABC's Minefield podcast Scott Stephens, UK Conservative Party Peter Lilley MP, cross cultural consultant Tasneem Chopra & Menzies Research Centre's Nick Cater. Human rights China and Australia

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National Press Address- with Punch

Today I attended the National Press Club where Sen. Richard DiNatale , leader of the The Greens, made his first address since the election.  He canvassed issues of: A free and independent media Curtailing right wing and neoliberal ideology  Ending influence of big business and corporations as political party donors  Removing stamp duty The future of work, housing affordability, tax Working smarter not looking longer More flexible work hours The broken system that governs us [...]

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If you don’t know, now you do..

Ahead of International Women's Day next Wednesday, the #heraldsun profiles 50 Victorian women doing extraordinary things in their chosen fields. They pay tribute to them to in a magazine feature-  '50 Women You Need to Know'.  Am grateful to be represented in this cohort, though acknowledge the achievements of far more accomplished women from diverse communities need recognition too.  Here's to making a noise and making it loud enough to open doors and improve outcomes [...]

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It’s a Raf: The Week in Review

And that's a Raf.. 'News Therapy' for the week on Radio ABC Melbourne, summing up the big stories, from: the Essendon flight crash, Abbott/Turnbull antics, subverting stereotypes in advertising, faith leaders, poor sartorial choices, callous immigration policies and the grotesqueness that is bacon therapy. Loads of fun and irreverence.  Good times, thanks Raf Epstein and Nick McKenzie ✔️ Been a long week ?

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Fusing Passions, for Fifty Years of Latrobe Learning

Fusing two of my passions: Lentil As Anything  & La Trobe university  - in this video promotion of the upcoming Lawn Lunch in March, commemorating 50 Years of LaTrobe in 2017 for which Lentil is one of a small number of social enterprises involved in the celebration's catering .  "Introducing another of our social enterprise caterers who will be cooking up a storm for you at our Lawn Lunch in March: Lentil As Anything. "La [...]

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Driving Justice for Women

As part of the sixteen days of Activism to End Violence Against Women & Children , I watched 'Driving with Selvi' for the Human Rights Film Festival (HRAFF). Following this I participated in a post screening panel with representatives from Macauley Family Services and Plan International's 'Because I'm A Girl' campaign. We reviewed the importance of structural solutions to addressing misogynistic culture, starting with education (eg Respectful Relationships) to structural reform from government funding welfare, [...]

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Engaging Disruption

Presented as a panellist at the #DigiEngage forum today, speaking with Hass Dellal and Kuranda Seyit about Identity & Belonging. Touching on anecdotal references with the audience of largely high school students across Melbourne, we explained the importance of disrupting bigoted narratives. Social media as a tool for social change provides a platform for diverse voices to show solidarity.  Governments, in turn, need to hear the voices in this space with a view to being [...]

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Drum Roll: Fees, Guns, Votes & Leakes

Tonight on @abcthedrum we talked #GP fees, #gunlaws #illegalvoting and #WikiLeaks. Host was John Barron and copanellists were the Guardian Australia's Paul Farrell, and the Executive Director of Schools in the Catholic Diocese of Parramatta, NSW Greg Whitby. Some feisty differences of opinion between the left and right (literally!) side of the panel at times- (note: expression:). I mentioned the right of the public to be informed, for our government to do more to curb [...]

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Commodified Compassion

Memo to Govt & Media: This is Omran. He and a few others were just rescued following the  bombing of his home in Aleppo last night. While the magnitude of the catastrophe that is Syria defies even my comprehension, what is abundantly clear is that innocent civilians represent human point scores in a barbaric bid to out-bomb, out-number and out-destroy the opponent.  Meanwhile, in Aleppo, NO AID has reached its civilians in over a [...]

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