One Billion Reasons to Rise

#tb to my part in the #OneBillionRising campaign to end violence against women. Violence in all its forms is unacceptable. Changing language, attitudes, behaviour and perceptions in which women are objectified and dismissed requires a whole of society approach. The #metoo campaign that commenced in 2017 only highlights a prevailing trend in misogynist behaviours that have in fact afflicted women from marginalised, coloured, immigrant and lower socioeconomic communities for centuries. Men, in particular, need to [...]

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Voicing Waves on the Cape

Enjoyed some robust and critical discussions on ‘Voice of the Milennials’ for the ‘Voice of the Cape’FM program last night. Huge thanks to Irafaan Abrahams for arranging this opportunity for me. I was thrilled to speak with a panel of locally engaged activists on issues of: decolonisation, race, Indigenous dispossession, #metoo, females representation, multiculturalism in a post-truth era, and gender based violence. Listen here: The Voice of the Millennials Was impressed with such pertinent conversations occurring [...]

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News Therapy in a Week of Madness

ABC Melbourne News Therapy with Raf and Jonathan tonight, reviewing the maddest week for some time. Stories from The Banking Royal Commission zig-zag, torrential rains and floods about town, One Nation’s continued decline into irrelevance, 45’s predilection for diabolical tweets, Melania’s use of Christmas decor to manifest marital discord, the Manus Island refugee crisis, Yusuf Islam’s ‘The Laughing Apple’ art exhibition launch at the Islamic MuseumOf Australia, schooling British Islamophobes, and despacito chicken you tube [...]

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SalamFest: When Peace Meets Art to Shift Narratives

Congrats to Ayesha Bux and her team for launching the Salam Fest – Muslim Arts Festival 2017 today. This three day Muslim Arts Festival is to be held at State Library Victoria from Friday 24 to Sunday 26 November 2017, will celebrate the long standing contribuitions of the diverse Muslim community in culture, art and cuisine. .the theme of which is ‘Peace Love and Compassion’. This festival will feature: Sufi poets, whirling dervishes, musicians, mosaic artists, [...]

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Drumming to the Beat of Fair Pay

Tonight on ABC’s The Drum, I addresses issues from Mugabes resignation to the issue of low wages and increased expectations- challenging ideas that part time workers who are overworked and underpaid DO NOT appreciate the exploitation or have the luxury of choice#seriously #thedrum #abc #tasneemchopra #crossculturalconsultant

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When Small Mercies make a Big Difference: Acknowledging our Community Heroes

Attended the Ambulance Victoria 2017 18th Annual Community Hero Awards, ‘Ordinary people...Extraordinary actions’. A beautiful celebration acknowledging local Victorians who have intervened in ways that saved lives, nominated by paramedics attending scenes. These everyday heroes, included 10year old Sophie Matthews and 5 year old James Tonks. Sophie and her then 7 year old sister, Annabel, made the decision to call 000 after they found their father collapsed and having a seizure. Their quick thinking and listening [...]

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Media & Diversity: Are we there yet?

Attended part of the 'Cultural Diversity and News in Australia Symposium' via Deakin University today where I met up with the brilliant @santigrams ⭐️  At a panel deliberating the skewed representation of multicultural communities in mainstream media, matters of accountability, diverse writers, diverse editors and balanced journalism were addressed . Though this issue has been raised for years, there is increasing research demonstrating causal factors between media bias, public perception and political rhetoric- each of which [...]

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From North Korea to Wakanda and everything in between

Tonight I featured on ABC Melbourne's, News Therapy with Drive host, Raphael Epstein and The Saturday Paper's Editor, Erik Jenson.  Critiquing the week in review, we traversed issues from the humanitarian disaster of the Rohingan genocide, testing trepidation in North Korea, when Kenya is Wakanda (because: "Africa", thank you British Airways), PM word slights on flights, SSM and postal vote return rate predictions , 'Detour' biography of 'You Am I's' Tim Rogers and the sensational [...]

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A Knight for Storytelling Royalty

Enjoyed some scintillating banter tonight  with screenwriter legend, Andrew Knight, as we fielded audience questions post a screening of 'Ali's Wedding' at @palacewestgarth.   Andrew spoke to his experience working on the film, his motivations and hopes, while I addressed why diversity in film representation matters in ways that are unapologetic and human. The relatability of this film to many, was noted as was the scope for this genre of art to challenge misconceptions.   Andrew's insight [...]

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