News Therapy in a Week of Madness

ABC Melbourne News Therapy with Raf and Jonathan tonight, reviewing the maddest week for some time. Stories from The Banking Royal Commission zig-zag, torrential rains and floods about town, One Nation’s continued decline into irrelevance, 45’s predilection for diabolical tweets, Melania’s use of Christmas decor to manifest marital discord, the Manus Island refugee crisis, Yusuf Islam’s ‘The Laughing Apple’ art exhibition launch at the Islamic MuseumOf Australia, schooling British Islamophobes, and despacito chicken you tube [...]

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From North Korea to Wakanda and everything in between

Tonight I featured on ABC Melbourne's, News Therapy with Drive host, Raphael Epstein and The Saturday Paper's Editor, Erik Jenson.  Critiquing the week in review, we traversed issues from the humanitarian disaster of the Rohingan genocide, testing trepidation in North Korea, when Kenya is Wakanda (because: "Africa", thank you British Airways), PM word slights on flights, SSM and postal vote return rate predictions , 'Detour' biography of 'You Am I's' Tim Rogers and the sensational [...]

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Took part today in a fun interview and photo shoot relating to the upcoming film, 'Ali's Wedding' by Matchbox Puctures.   This and other fun stills will form part of an upcoming exhibition/promo for this romcom Australian made movie about love, faith & family - out soon in Australia.   Look forward to seeing both my own  and other stories about love, links and lessons captured in this photo exhibition to accompany the impending film [...]

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News Wrap With Raf

Ending this roller coaster week with radio panelling á la News Therapy on ABC Melbourne with Damon Johnston(Herald Sun) and host, Raf Epstein. From crises with Fire fighters to Trumps latest scandal, then Cardinal Pells next move, to the ongoing Manus Island abuses of detainees - there was a swathe of therapy to be had. Managed some culture sharing too, via #AmericanOdysey and #ChrisCornell to round off a solid round up.  And how DOPE is Raf:)) [...]

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It’s a Raf: The Week in Review

And that's a Raf.. 'News Therapy' for the week on Radio ABC Melbourne, summing up the big stories, from: the Essendon flight crash, Abbott/Turnbull antics, subverting stereotypes in advertising, faith leaders, poor sartorial choices, callous immigration policies and the grotesqueness that is bacon therapy. Loads of fun and irreverence.  Good times, thanks Raf Epstein and Nick McKenzie ✔️ Been a long week ?

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A Muslim, a Catholic and Jew walk into a radio station…

Discussing community crises, judgement and values with Kristine Keneally, Rabbi Zalman and me (in Tardis) on ABC RN this Christmas Eve morning, with host, Hamish McDonald.       From bad PM's, engagement fatigue and universal values of decency , we covered some scintillating ground during this program.  #melbourne @abcradionational   #ABC #RADIO

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Countering Hate, ABC Sunday Night Radio, with John Cleary

This week Austraila’s response to Islamic radicalism has been in the news, from threats of  passport cancellation, to new ministerial appointments. On Sunday Night we ask a panel drawn from Australia’s muslim community for their views on the issues and possible ways forward. Other participants will be: Tasneem Chopra, Cross Cultural Consultant (Melbourne) Imam Afroz Ali, The Seekers Hub (Sydney)                     Sheikh Wesam Shakawi, Abu Hanifa centre (Sydney) Kuranda Seyitt, Islamic Council of Victoria.

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Interview with Radio Australia on February 11th, 2014

conversation with Detroit based photographer,  Langston Hues, discussing the 'Modest Street Fashion' project and the 'Faith Fashion Fusion' exhibition. This interview was broadcast across Asia pacific. Audio Click here to download in MP3

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