ABC Saturday Afternoon Show: Science, Arts & Comedy – a digital radio treat 

Today on ABC’s digital radio Saturday Afternoon program, across Australia, we canvassed: women in science & the EPA (Dr Andrea Hinwood), mobility in weather, refugee music programs, what to expect when you’re expat-ting (Saeed Saeed), #SammyJ and a live performance from #Maya.  Catch it online and feel the Saturday feels 🙂 #people #places #perspectives #Artysmarty #culture #community ​ ​

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ABC Radio, Australia, Episode 3 – from: surviving school holidays, to Spoken Words that raze

Fun this week in studio hosting the #SaturdayAfternoonShow on #abcradio Australia (digital). Topics included school holiday length, getting the balance between harassment and defamation in court, Parkinson’s disease, Ryan Kennedy (#artysmarty: winner Lorne Bienale 2018), Zione Walker-Nthenda (#CultureVault: Incubate Foundation & Lawyer) and the Bankstown Poetry Slam, performing Spoken Word. A terrific mix, top guests , and some great texts from listeners across the country #happydays #abcradio #tasneemchopra

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Triennial/ Tryennial- A sensory sensation either way

#triennial2018 is wall to wall #wowfactor with numerous installations, including Yayoi Kusama's Flower Obsession apartment.  These Triennial treasures are showcasing some stunning and some confounding displays by 100 designers from 32 countries in Melbourne’s NGV.  This was a visual and sensory feast - rich in artistic imagination. From the flamboyant to the furious- this was art doing what art does- delighting, annoying, inspiring and stirring - public reactions. Catch the buzz before Sunday 15th April [...]

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ABC Saturday Afternoons, Australia

So this happened and I managed to not cut off any live interviews - always a bonus! Thanks to my endlessly patient and brilliant producer @desileary who makes it look so easy and reminds me to smile and breathe when it feels like I’m treading water. For the first of 8 Saturday Afternoon programs, I enjoyed talking, Easter justice, refugee art murals, Greek cinema, Lentil As Anything, radio station Aussie music quotas and child prodigy [...]

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Pressing for Progress 

Today I participated in an International Women’s Day event with Women’s Health in the West, exploring themes of’ Press for Progress’ and the UN Women theme of ‘Leave no Woman Behind’. I was joined by writer and activist, Kristine Ziwica and Dr Robyn Gregory.  We reflected on "how the #metoo and #timesup movements have demonstrated the widespread prevalence of sexual harassment in recent months.. sharing insights and perspectives on where we go from here, and how [...]

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Drumming Up..

Today’s Drum covered Sen. Cash’s abysmal abuse of parliamentary privilege to slut-shame staffers in a bid to avoid her failings as a Minister, new discoveries in the galaxy and why dark matter matters, embedded violence in hazing cultures and sexual assault at colleges and universities, the latest damning data on intimate partner perpetrated violence in Australia - and cloning your pet; yay or nay. #abc @abc_thedrum #makeanoise #tasneemchopra #crossculturalconsultant

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Five Panthers Good

Heading out to the #BlackPanther film tonight, literally bursting with excitement. And can I just say, per review: WOW! It is SUCH a relief and rarity when the hype is actually exceeded by the film. I was thoroughly taken- from storyline, symbolism, messaging, casting, set design and overall feel good factor. In a cinematic (and real world) climate that locates the heroic black protagonist as exceptional, BP was a credit to a largely all black [...]

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Thank you, Rosie.. 

Thank you, Rosie Batty, for your incredible work and advocacy in this field. Your impact has been appreciated by hundreds of thousands of women and children across the country , and we are indebted to you for locating the issue of family violence as one of this nation’s greatest horrors that demands resourcing and action to be eradicated Rosie’s message: Dear Friends It has been a gruelling and unrelenting four years in the public eye [...]

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One Billion Reasons to Rise

#tb to my part in the #OneBillionRising campaign to end violence against women. Violence in all its forms is unacceptable. Changing language, attitudes, behaviour and perceptions in which women are objectified and dismissed requires a whole of society approach. The #metoo campaign that commenced in 2017 only highlights a prevailing trend in misogynist behaviours that have in fact afflicted women from marginalised, coloured, immigrant and lower socioeconomic communities for centuries. Men, in particular, need to [...]

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