Taking AAIMS

Enjoyed a rigorous panel discussion at ACU, for the Melbourne launch of the Australian Association of Islamic & Muslim Studies (AAIMS). Discussing the issue of Islamophobia in Australia, my co-panelists Fethi Mansouri, JoshRoose and I, came at this topic from an academic and community sector perspective.  This included sharing detailed extracts from the Islamophobia in Australia report, discussing the psycho-social impacts on youth and Muslim women in particular and the trajectory of increased racism in [...]

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Write from the Start

Last Thursday I was thrilled to speak at the Kilvington Grammar Writers Festival Awards ceremony. Recipients from junior, middle and upper secondary were recognised for their written contributions to the theme of 'Courage'. I took the opportunity to speak to the importance of self belief in a cookie cutter world, and moreover to the value of minority voices being respected in a climate bent on parading them instead of hearing them.   Congratulations to all the [...]

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Thanking Career Heroes for Everyday Excellence

Happy 'Thank-A-Paramedic-Day' to these @ambulancevic Career Heroes who save lives every damn day. For your compassion, professionalism and dedication to your craft - all of us here in Victoria, offer you a heartfelt thanks. At Essendon airfield AV site we celebrated in style with three families- all of whom had experienced life saving service from Paramedics in the past year, and wanted to show their appreciation.  These thankful recipients included twins Wilbur & Colby who [...]

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Ali’s Wedding Comes Home to Celebrate

Congratulations Osamah Sami for 'Ali's Wedding' premiering last night in his HOME TOWN with the Melbourne International Film Festival. This film told his story with pathos, humour and stirring gentleness. Moreover, it instantly humanised the 'migrant Muslim' without trying, simply by sharing the dimensions of family, love, community and expectations. And what an amazing production team & cast - supported by Jeffrey Walker, Sheila Jayadev, Tony Ayres, Helen Pankhurst, Andrew Knight, Fadia Abboud and superb [...]

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Walking the Diversity Talk- kudos to the RWH

Congratulations to the Royal Women's Hospital (RWH) for embracing this marketing strategy of diversity and inclusion !  Representation of your workforce that is authentic, while simultaneously shifting stereotypes, begins with responsible messaging.  And a special shout out to Ms Sumeyye Cetinkiran- am so proud of you for being the face for Melbourne's RWH nurses in 2017!  Be sure to check out this spectacular image on the facade entrance of the Hospital. 

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30 Years Of Driving Change & Saving Lives

Cause for huge celebration with the advent of a '30 Years of Women in Ambulance Victoria' Gala Dinner event last week. It is hard to believe that prior to 1987, women were unable to become paramedics due to laws that deemed them not physically capable of undertaking aspects of the workload.  Fast forward 30 years on and we now have over 57% females candidates enrolled in university studying paramedical science - an astonishing recovery. Further, [...]

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#MPA – A Launch Today for Leaders Tomorrow

Tonight saw the launch of the brainchild of Nada Kalam with the 'Muslim Professionals Association' #mpaaust  This long awaited initiative represents a portal for mentoring, leadership opportunity, and networking for Australian Muslim professionals across all industries and sectors.  Particularly at a time of heightened political angst overwhelming communities, this event emerged as a reminder of the indomitable capacity and talent we possess. The MPA will consider creative ways of engaging these professionals in a way [...]

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11 Portraits & True Love Stories for ‘Ali’s Wedding’ film launch

Pretty chuffed to be involved in this series of that speaks of the  breadth of what love means and how it manifests in ways that are vital to our well being - these are stories that can be told a million different ways.  The #AlisWedding team, director Fadia Abboud and photographer @hodaafshar, are proud to launch their special project, ‘11 True Love Stories’. Drawn from interviews with eleven Muslim-Australians, these powerful and personal stories of [...]

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The Rise of Racism-Reported

Today's launch of the 'Islamophobia in Australia' report occurred in Melbourne. This report has been skilfully edited by Dr Deryer Iner, in collaboration with numerous stakeholders including the Islamophobia Register, ISRA, Charles Sturt University, Deakin University, the Diversity Council and others.  Some damning statistics during the period from 2014-2016 confirmed what many of us know, now available in documented proof that Islamophobia is real, all pervasive and rising. Brilliantly summarised by Dr Zuleyha Keskin (ISRA): [...]

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AV Iftar – Take 2

Tonight's Ambulance Victoria 2nd Iftar celebrated inclusivity, community and passion, hallmarks of Ambulance Victoria's vision.  I was in fine company with Board Chair, Mr Ken Lay AM, who opened tonight's proceedings with earnest words.. "As long as even one person in our organisation questions why we have these Iftar dinners, then we know we must keep on having them".  Was also delighful hearing from guest speaker, Dr Ahmad Aly speak to the spiritual, physiological and [...]

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