Sorry Means You Don’t Do It Again

Tonight I attended the launch of the HRAFF (Human Rights @ Arts Film Festival), screening ‘After the Apology’. The film was preceded with a speech from Indigenous actress and activist, Shareena Clanton, speaking to a very personal connection to International trauma through through the impact of forced removal of her family members as part of the stolen generation.  This presentation segued perfectly into the film screening ‘After the Apology: Sorry Means You Dont Do it [...]

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Wonderland Blooms in the Rabbit Hole – at ACMI

The Opening of #Wonderland tonight, was a heady mix of secret spaces, illusions, colourful explosions and happy faces.  As a Board Director of ACMI, I was proud to support this exhibition for all  its ridiculous fun complete with brilliant, digitally immersive exhibits, both for little and grown up kids! Go journey down the rabbit hole, and be Alice for a while at @acmionline until October 2018.  The culmination of two years prep in the making, [...]

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Activating Change from Within

Looking up to these two giants, Ali Ahmed and Ahmed Nur of the community sector, at the launch of the ‘Young Womens Leadership’ initiative of #YouthActivatingYouth, securing funding for a forthcoming round of fitness and mentoring activities for Muslim girls across Melbourne. Run by young women , for young women aged 13-25, this venture has draw and value to those looking for a space to belong, excel and connect. Congrats to #YAY for your efforts [...]

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Let Me Count the 1.6 Billion Ways…

At the ‘Ways to Be Muslim’ launch at the IMA tonight. An exhibition about ‘what being Muslim means to me’. Importantly, the motivation behind this showcase was to share hundreds of insights- by Muslims, for Muslims. In an era fixated with attending to public perceptions, these images in frames and digital projections, spoke to one other. To this end, all the statements assumed greater significance as intimate, spiritual and even political affirmations. A healing and [...]

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SalamFest: When Peace Meets Art to Shift Narratives

Congrats to Ayesha Bux and her team for launching the Salam Fest – Muslim Arts Festival 2017 today. This three day Muslim Arts Festival is to be held at State Library Victoria from Friday 24 to Sunday 26 November 2017, will celebrate the long standing contribuitions of the diverse Muslim community in culture, art and cuisine. .the theme of which is ‘Peace Love and Compassion’. This festival will feature: Sufi poets, whirling dervishes, musicians, mosaic artists, [...]

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Stuff Not Fluff: Bringing Academic Insights to the ‘burbs

To celebrate the UN International Peace Day 2017 on 21st November, Basmala ISU and Islamic Council of NSW hosted a Double Book Launch which I emceed, called:  “Stuff not Fluff: Improving Narratives on Refugees and Migrants Though Increased Dialogue & Informed Debates Influenced by Scholarly Literature” at the Bankstown library. The 2017 theme set by the UN for this year was “Together for Peace: Respect, Safety and Dignity for All” with a focus on improving [...]

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High Tea with Healing Ambition

Was honoured that the Cyril Dharmawardana Foundation Inc. (CDF) invited me to guest present at their Annual High Tea event at the Brighton Town Hall Gardens  The Melbourne based CDF is a charity established to assist cancer patients both locally and overseas, . supporting both the Peter MacCallum Institute & Royal Flying Doctor Service.  As a Cancer Charity, CDF promotes cancer awareness and social contribution to the sick. All funds raised were to be utilised [...]

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Taking AAIMS

Enjoyed a rigorous panel discussion at ACU, for the Melbourne launch of the Australian Association of Islamic & Muslim Studies (AAIMS). Discussing the issue of Islamophobia in Australia, my co-panelists Fethi Mansouri, JoshRoose and I, came at this topic from an academic and community sector perspective.  This included sharing detailed extracts from the Islamophobia in Australia report, discussing the psycho-social impacts on youth and Muslim women in particular and the trajectory of increased racism in [...]

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Write from the Start

Last Thursday I was thrilled to speak at the Kilvington Grammar Writers Festival Awards ceremony. Recipients from junior, middle and upper secondary were recognised for their written contributions to the theme of 'Courage'. I took the opportunity to speak to the importance of self belief in a cookie cutter world, and moreover to the value of minority voices being respected in a climate bent on parading them instead of hearing them.   Congratulations to all the [...]

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Thanking Career Heroes for Everyday Excellence

Happy 'Thank-A-Paramedic-Day' to these @ambulancevic Career Heroes who save lives every damn day. For your compassion, professionalism and dedication to your craft - all of us here in Victoria, offer you a heartfelt thanks. At Essendon airfield AV site we celebrated in style with three families- all of whom had experienced life saving service from Paramedics in the past year, and wanted to show their appreciation.  These thankful recipients included twins Wilbur & Colby who [...]

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