Maticevski Courts Dark Elegance

Attended the launch of 'Dark Wonderlands'- an exhibition showcasing the couture masterpieces of Australian design icon, Toni Maticevski at the #BendigoArtGallery last night, following Day 2 of the Bendigo Writers Festival. I can say with certainty, I've not attended such a couture laden event of this calibre in MY LIFE. Nor have I ever felt so underdressed, out of place and intrigued all at the same time!! From the liquorice macaroons to the guests swanning [...]

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Heaven to Heaven in Melbourne 

Last night saw the launch of 'Heaven to Heaven' - an exhibition held at Kinross Arts Centre in partnership with the @islamicmuseumaustralia. This event comprised a spectacular collection of photography capturing the raw pathos of the Arbaeen, by photographer Tom Toby of @wildfireimages as well as a compelling documentary by director, Sayyad Hamid Mostaja. This documentary is scheduled to feature on the ABC in the near future.  As Curator of the IMA, I was invited [...]

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Face to Face with Democracy

Now for something a little different.. 'Face Up' is an interactive experience that celebrates Australia's vibrant democracy and the power of your voice within it.  This exhibition will be projecting in King’s Hall for the next year or so. Every three months the Museum changes the four ‘provocations’ of democracy. Currently they have ‘Checks and Balances’, ‘Rights and Obligations’, ‘A Fair Go’ and ‘It’s the Vibe’ (a reference to the movie The Castle and the [...]

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Traditional Ties that Bind

Taking Co-Chairs of the National Congress of Australia's First People's-Dr Jackie Huggins & Rod Little, for a tour of the @islamicmuseumaustralia. An absolute delight sharing stories of connections between the First People with Macassans and Cameleers from the 1700's onward. Connections predate that of British colonial rule. And the storyline of these relationships is coloured with tales of camaraderie and family bloodlines. The ties are long and strong.  Anticipating some collaborative ventures into the future [...]

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Much Aadil About Something 

In some refreshingly good news, I'm pleased to report we had Aadil Abedi in the #islamicmuseumaustralia today, folks??  So fabulous seeing him and his lovely family visit for the first time. An artist from the UK, Aadil's stunning paintings are a heady mix of the contemporary and spiritual- check it out - and watch this space !  Always a pleasure showing overseas guests our stellar Australian Muslim arts scene, and possibly representing Melbourne with a [...]

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The Sound of Barakah hits Melbourne

Stoked to catch up with Sami Yusuf post his inaugural Barakah Tour Concert in Melbourne tonight and thank himand his ensemble of string and percussion musicians for a spectacular show.   Himself a powerhouse of talent, Sami demonstrated an individual mastery of keyboard, percussion and string instruments while performing songs in English, Arabic, Turkish, Kurdish, Urdu, Punjabi and Farsi!  His self-coined genre, Spiritique—manifested philosophical and spiritual lyrics, fusing Middle Eastern and Western harmonics.  A phenomenal  and [...]

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RIP – Fought like a Butterfly & Stung like a Bee

"Service to others is the rent you pay for your room here on earth." - Muhammad Ali, R.I. P. (1942-2016) An inspiration not just for conquering the boxing ring as world heavy weight champion- but for his courage to speak out against racism, civil rights abuses, conscription and an unwavering commitment to his faith.  Ali was the first African American Muslim I remember as a child. I recall watching in fascination his pre and post match [...]

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Tas In Tassie – The Apple Isle proves Bitter-Sweet

Was Apple-Isle bound to check out the #artsmarty scene in Tasmania today.  This included a visit to Hobart's controversial Museum of Old and New Art, MONA.    I spent some time capturing stills of MONA's interior and exterior landscape. In summary, the above ground rendering - facade, architectural design, location and construction aspect -was the drawcard. What lay beneath insofar as content, was for me, off the mark. After a while the overwhelming ambience of [...]

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Free-dumb, Performance Art in Lorne

Excited for my debut in performance art alongside the multitalented Ryan F Kennedy , for #freedumb. Ryan's sculptures, concept, delivery and poetry were sublime - before a packed audience along a river bank in Lorne . What an honour to be involved in this show stopping performance for the #LorneBiennale The sculpture, the sea, the scroll, the synergy - concluded at his award winning sculpture by the sea. Congratulations & thank you Ryan, for an [...]

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Multicultural Melbourne- Walks the Talk

The Cultural Diversity Week festivities from Fed Square, were a sun soaked marvel! The people, the music, the stalls & the food (always the food) combined to promote the theme of celebrating diversity.  Happy to have met up with some fine folk who champion change on and off the clock, including colleague and Board CEO of Ambulance Victoria, Ken Lay AM.  Also, VMC Chair, Helen Kapalos, Emeritus Professor Trang Thomas AM, Manager of Immigration Museum, [...]

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