Invictus Conference

An incredible day at Kimberley College in Brisbane at their annual Invictus Conference. This Conference is four day event in which all secondary school students attend numerous workshops and presentations issues including : mindfulness, loss and grief, goal setting, porn harm & cyber safety, among others, culminating in a concert/ festival finale on Friday.  I delivered three separate workshops to students in Years 10, 11 and 12 on 'Adversity in Diversity' - examining the broader [...]

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Sammy Hey

Took a break from the weather and media mayhem to indulge in the goodness that is the Melbourne International Comedy Festival. Along with a full house, we sat back to hear 'Sammy J' in 'Hero Complex', expound his childhood obsession with The Phantom, in tandem with a distant demagoguery of Duncan Munro- the school cleaner turned ASIO officer. The way SJ brilliantly meshed these seemingly disparate threads into an unlikely - but true- tale of [...]

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You Do Not Speak for Us

A message to one of the worlds most celebrated Islamaphobia Brand Ambassadors, Ayaan Hirsi Ali. 'You Don't Speak For Us'. Congrats to all involved in making this happen, especially 'Persons of Interest' production.  This is a win for free speech that's not hateful and inciting violence. Two hours after this videos release, we learned AHA cancelled her tour, for a series of reasons.  It's important to note. She was not from stopped speaking in Australia- [...]

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A Vibrant Benevelonce Dinner 

A beautiful evening emceeing the Benevolence Australia Community Dinner tonight - marking their tenth year of operation!??Such a great vibe- of people, food and messaging, only enhanced by the vibrant guest speaker, the inimitable Yassmin Abdelmagied.  Congrats to Team Bene, their amazing volunteers and hundreds of supporters for ensuring this event staple is the ongoing success it has always been #bless

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TC on PC: The IQ2 Debate we had to have

Tonight I featured in the The Ethic's Centre's 'Intelligence Squared Debate (IQ2)' at Sydney Town Hall. This debate is scheduled to be screened on ABC , RN and BBC News (no pressure at all !) IQ2 HPCFI Partnering with Mikey Robins, we assumed the 'against' position to the topic 'Political Correctness has Failed Itself'. The 'For' team comprised of Australian editor, Chris Kenny and Indigenous Councillor, Jacinta Price. With 8 minutes each we attempted [...]

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Festival Solidarity, Victoria style 

Loving Melbourne big time for its array of entertainment and crowd camaraderie signifying that staple in the Diversity Week charter- the VMC Multicultural Festival.   Caught some incredible sights and sounds, including the 'Amaru Tribe's' Amazonic drums, vibrating charangos and powerful harmonies of Oceanic Cumbia.  Then, the sweet, sweet blues, sultry bass, big bass, swing rhythms and huge voice that is 'Mojo Juju'- Sheer bliss. Later, 'Congo Tardis#1 Sound System's' provided an energetic carnival DJ [...]

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Talking Diversity & Dianella

For Dianella Health's Harmony Day Celebration at Hume Global Learning Centre in Craigieburn, I was delighted to delivers a keynote address. On this UN International Day for the Elimination of Racism, I called out privilege and systems of governance that aren't representative and gave a shout out to the culturally diverse trailblazers in our midst who are central to effecting change.  There were also numerous artists including the Sankalana Cultural Dance Academy performing a stunning [...]

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Al Salam Festival Adelaide: Talking Peace & Politics

In Adelaide today at the Al Salam festival, I joined Federal Member for Cowan Anne Aly MP as we both presented 'Our Stories'. Each of us spoke of life and career paths, covering matters of racism, Indigenous land and diversity under threat. It was pleasure to share a platform with Anne and make plenty of noise before an amazing audience.  Aside from many outstanding local speakers, MP's and performers, the other colleagues I met included [...]

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Melting Pots of Koshari Goodness

Thank you Yusra Metwally & Walid El Sabbagh of 'Koshari Korner' fame in Sydney, for bringing this Egyptian street food to my Melbourne corner. This was an absolute feast of measured rice, pasta, lentils, onions, magic sauce and spiced oil goodness that has to be tasted to be believed. You went over and above  with your time, prep and generosity- creating a masterpiece which we need in Melbourne ! Sharing your Koshari, I observed our [...]

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