Write from the Start

Last Thursday I was thrilled to speak at the Kilvington Grammar Writers Festival Awards ceremony. Recipients from junior, middle and upper secondary were recognised for their written contributions to the theme of 'Courage'. I took the opportunity to speak to the importance of self belief in a cookie cutter world, and moreover to the value of minority voices being respected in a climate bent on parading them instead of hearing them.   Congratulations to all the [...]

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Space To Be Better & Better

Congratulations Mariam Issa, Janine Lawrie and all the team from SpaceToBe for a brilliant fundraiser tonight held at St. Ali Cafe - supported by the wonderful founder & owner, Salvatore.  Loved the witalicious MC, Judith Lucy and impacting words from Julian Burnside- speaking to the failings in moral imperative of this country's leaders to care for those fleeing persecution.  An incredible meal prepared by chefs featured in 'Every Bite Takes You Home' (Illura Press), this [...]

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Walking the Diversity Talk- kudos to the RWH

Congratulations to the Royal Women's Hospital (RWH) for embracing this marketing strategy of diversity and inclusion !  Representation of your workforce that is authentic, while simultaneously shifting stereotypes, begins with responsible messaging.  And a special shout out to Ms Sumeyye Cetinkiran- am so proud of you for being the face for Melbourne's RWH nurses in 2017!  Be sure to check out this spectacular image on the facade entrance of the Hospital. 

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From Africa to Australia- Capturing Stories

Was thrilled to be a guest on @ozafricantv for Series 2, episode 4 recently. In conversation with the brilliant Dorcas Utkovic, I spoke of my personal background, and how being notably different in appearance as a child growing up in regional Australia, prompted me to question those who required my difference to be 'managed' in later years.  It was an honour to participate in this episode - you can catch OzAfrican TV on Foxtel or [...]

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The Seasons are a Gogh

Delighted to attend the largest exhibition of Van Gogh masterpieces ever to travel to Australia at the National Gallery of Victoria. 'Van Gogh and the Seasons'- featured works lent by leading international museums, including the Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam and the Kröller-Müller Museum, Otterlo- presented within sections devoted to each of the four seasons. On reflection, nothing screams Melbourne like the melancholy of Van Gough. In all its mood evoking brilliance, this 'Seasons' exhibition's hues [...]

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Combatting the Ummm Factor, Like a Pro

The Mumtaza Network today held the   first of its Masterclass Series: Public Speaking Like a Pro. This was a day-long workshop hosted by co-Founder and CEO of the Mumtaza Network, Yassmin Abdel-Magied.The    session aimed to equip participants  with the skills to be the most powerful advocate for their message. I presented on the aspect of speech delivery, or, combatting the 'Ummmm factor'. Talking pace, pitch and presence- I endeavoured to arm attendees with [...]

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Judging the ‘Weight of the World’

As part of Refugee Week across the Nation, I was delighted to be a guest judge at their inaugural youth art exhibition, 'Weight of the World', curated by Hotham Mission.  It was a vital and insightful event which celebrated youth, diversity, community, social justice, mental health and inclusion. It was a highly successful with around 350 people in attendance throughout the evening and more than 60% of artworks sold. Many of the young artists participated [...]

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Footy & Fasting on the G

Congrats to all involved with the AFL Iftar tonight. A surreal night & sight seeing 'Ramadan Kareem' upon a neon lit billboard - illuminating the MCG oval. Beautiful speeches were delivered in earnest from the AFL CEO and Multicultural Liaison head on top of an entertaining panel involving AFL players and personnel, brilliantly moderated by the uber skilled AzmeenaHussain. There was hilarity and humility in spades tonight. Well done to all. 

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Debating our Moral Citizenship Compass

Fascinating day shooting a documentary for ABC's Compass program  on what defines citizenship and how do you measure belonging, in "Team Australia", scheduled to air in July.  A diverse panel and strong opinions informed views, resulting in a revamp of a citizenship test based on 'citizen contributions'. Thanks Neer, Pete, Kumi, Dee, Paul,Jacinta and all the amazing Compass crew for this opportunity.  #makesocialchange #makechangehappen #makeanoise #makeitloud #endxenophobia

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#roots #reasons #relationships #ACTION

Took part today in a fun interview and photo shoot relating to the upcoming film, 'Ali's Wedding' by Matchbox Puctures.   This and other fun stills will form part of an upcoming exhibition/promo for this romcom Australian made movie about love, faith & family - out soon in Australia.   Look forward to seeing both my own  and other stories about love, links and lessons captured in this photo exhibition to accompany the impending film [...]

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