Moving Images Making Waves

As a newly appointed Board Director to ACMI, I’m excited to be seeing this museum of moving image wonders in a new light- as a leader and entrepreneur in digital technology set to transform how we convey and consume stories & information. If you haven’t visited recently, check out their incredible exhibitions and/or one of the films featuring in the summer program. There is literally something for everyone.#acmi #artysmarty #makingchangehappen #tasneemchopra #crossculturalconsultant #acmionline#museum #acmi #renewal #melbourne#australia [...]

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One Billion Ways to Be Motivated

Seriously though 😏 an amazing evening of motivational conversations to transform narratives. Organised by the #MuslimCollective [Reason•Compassion•Progress], with guest speaker Professor Amina Wadud from Berkley, Ca. this was a fabulous dinner held at #TheSocialStudio.  •Eliminate the perceived limitations of the glass ceiling, by creating your building void of a ceiling  •That the deeper and darker times become, the more powerful is the light we have.  •We need to take our single light and combine it with [...]

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Walking the Artsmarty  Talk, ACMI Board Appointment Style 

Am thrilled to be joining the Board of the Australian Centre for the Moving Image (ACMI) as they embark upon new adventures in 2018.  It’s an honour to be working alongside this team of accomplished professionals, both on the Board and Executive. “acmionline: We’re so excited to announce that we've got some new Board members! Welcome @ilbijerri_theatre's Rachel Maza, cross-cultural consultant and curator Tasneem Chopra, and @madmanent co-founder Paul Wiegard. We look forward to your [...]

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High Tea with Healing Ambition

Was honoured that the Cyril Dharmawardana Foundation Inc. (CDF) invited me to guest present at their Annual High Tea event at the Brighton Town Hall Gardens  The Melbourne based CDF is a charity established to assist cancer patients both locally and overseas, . supporting both the Peter MacCallum Institute & Royal Flying Doctor Service.  As a Cancer Charity, CDF promotes cancer awareness and social contribution to the sick. All funds raised were to be utilised [...]

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Black Lives Matter making inroads in Australian Activism 

These are some of the highlights from today’s event during which participants had an opportunity to meet with the#BlackLivesMatter* founders and share experiences and learnings from their fight for racial equality.  This event enabled people of colour, young and old, to hold conversations about how to build a movement and fortify power together.  Experiences included: Sharing stories of oppression & survival A panel featuring First Nation Leaders Art & performances Meeting colleagues involved in creating [...]

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Empowerment through Engagement

Enjoyed a beautiful High Tea this afternoon as part of the AAIS ‘Mind, Body & Soul event’. I was delighted to present to the crowd on the topic of ‘Empowering Women’, harnessing our strength, compassion and intelligence. Congratulations to Amina Ymer, Selima Ymer and their team of volunteers, for producing an incredible day, with the intention to raise funds to acquire birthing kits for women in developing countries.

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A Knight for Storytelling Royalty

Enjoyed some scintillating banter tonight  with screenwriter legend, Andrew Knight, as we fielded audience questions post a screening of 'Ali's Wedding' at @palacewestgarth.   Andrew spoke to his experience working on the film, his motivations and hopes, while I addressed why diversity in film representation matters in ways that are unapologetic and human. The relatability of this film to many, was noted as was the scope for this genre of art to challenge misconceptions.   Andrew's insight [...]

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Write from the Start

Last Thursday I was thrilled to speak at the Kilvington Grammar Writers Festival Awards ceremony. Recipients from junior, middle and upper secondary were recognised for their written contributions to the theme of 'Courage'. I took the opportunity to speak to the importance of self belief in a cookie cutter world, and moreover to the value of minority voices being respected in a climate bent on parading them instead of hearing them.   Congratulations to all the [...]

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Space To Be Better & Better

Congratulations Mariam Issa, Janine Lawrie and all the team from SpaceToBe for a brilliant fundraiser tonight held at St. Ali Cafe - supported by the wonderful founder & owner, Salvatore.  Loved the witalicious MC, Judith Lucy and impacting words from Julian Burnside- speaking to the failings in moral imperative of this country's leaders to care for those fleeing persecution.  An incredible meal prepared by chefs featured in 'Every Bite Takes You Home' (Illura Press), this [...]

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