Five Year Ted-iversary 

"Ssshhhh...its in the bag!"Happy TEDx anniversary 🎈🎉! It's been five years since delivering my TEDxMelbourne talk 'Don't Believe the Hype, Exceed it: The War Against Stereotypes' The message remains. Don’t believe the hype, exceed it. And own your narrative before someone else owns it for you  TEDx talk   #tedxmelbourne #untapped

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Sorry Means You Don’t Do It Again

Tonight I attended the launch of the HRAFF (Human Rights @ Arts Film Festival), screening ‘After the Apology’. The film was preceded with a speech from Indigenous actress and activist, Shareena Clanton, speaking to a very personal connection to International trauma through through the impact of forced removal of her family members as part of the stolen generation.  This presentation segued perfectly into the film screening ‘After the Apology: Sorry Means You Dont Do it [...]

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Disrupting the Joint- Artfully

Enjoyed a fabulous evening tonight dissecting the the pathways to ‘Inclusive Workplaces for Better Organisational Outcomes’, run by Deakin University Arts Management. This was a conversation focused on diversifying organisational practice and audience engagement- both sorely lacking across the arts sector in this country. Sonia Lindsay, leading expert on culture and change and former Executive Director HR at Arts Centre Melbourne delivered a powerful keynote.  Panel members included: Tasneem Chopra (author, consultant and curator), Shona [...]

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ABC Saturday Afternoon Show: Science, Arts & Comedy – a digital radio treat 

Today on ABC’s digital radio Saturday Afternoon program, across Australia, we canvassed: women in science & the EPA (Dr Andrea Hinwood), mobility in weather, refugee music programs, what to expect when you’re expat-ting (Saeed Saeed), #SammyJ and a live performance from #Maya.  Catch it online and feel the Saturday feels 🙂 #people #places #perspectives #Artysmarty #culture #community ​ ​

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ABC Radio, Australia, Episode 3 – from: surviving school holidays, to Spoken Words that raze

Fun this week in studio hosting the #SaturdayAfternoonShow on #abcradio Australia (digital). Topics included school holiday length, getting the balance between harassment and defamation in court, Parkinson’s disease, Ryan Kennedy (#artysmarty: winner Lorne Bienale 2018), Zione Walker-Nthenda (#CultureVault: Incubate Foundation & Lawyer) and the Bankstown Poetry Slam, performing Spoken Word. A terrific mix, top guests , and some great texts from listeners across the country #happydays #abcradio #tasneemchopra

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Triennial/ Tryennial- A sensory sensation either way

#triennial2018 is wall to wall #wowfactor with numerous installations, including Yayoi Kusama's Flower Obsession apartment.  These Triennial treasures are showcasing some stunning and some confounding displays by 100 designers from 32 countries in Melbourne’s NGV.  This was a visual and sensory feast - rich in artistic imagination. From the flamboyant to the furious- this was art doing what art does- delighting, annoying, inspiring and stirring - public reactions. Catch the buzz before Sunday 15th April [...]

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Breaking The Hussain Barrier

This funny guy’s humour was on point last night. Congrats @nazeemhussain for a top show with #NoPainNoHussain at The Forum, as part of Melbourne’s International Comedy Festival.  This was a brilliant meld of racial, cultural and socio-political cues that didn’t hold back, most times 😏 If you’re looking for banter, clever improv and a no holds barred critique of Islamophobia 101, blocking trolls, Bollywood bad asses and redesigning the Australian flag plus hilarious anecdotal insights- [...]

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Wonderland Blooms in the Rabbit Hole – at ACMI

The Opening of #Wonderland tonight, was a heady mix of secret spaces, illusions, colourful explosions and happy faces.  As a Board Director of ACMI, I was proud to support this exhibition for all  its ridiculous fun complete with brilliant, digitally immersive exhibits, both for little and grown up kids! Go journey down the rabbit hole, and be Alice for a while at @acmionline until October 2018.  The culmination of two years prep in the making, [...]

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Let Me Count the 1.6 Billion Ways…

At the ‘Ways to Be Muslim’ launch at the IMA tonight. An exhibition about ‘what being Muslim means to me’. Importantly, the motivation behind this showcase was to share hundreds of insights- by Muslims, for Muslims. In an era fixated with attending to public perceptions, these images in frames and digital projections, spoke to one other. To this end, all the statements assumed greater significance as intimate, spiritual and even political affirmations. A healing and [...]

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Proud to Belong: A Victorian Story

Tonight’s Premier Gala Dinner 2018, heralds Victoria’s Cultural Diversity Week, this year themed ‘Proud to Belong’* . A highlight of the dinner featured the launch of a stunning publication profiling culturally diverse Victorians, who are just that.  Aside from this dinner being an evening of colourful celebration, it was, as always an affirmation of this State’s commitment to the protection and promotion of multiculturalism and inclusive policy.  Was lovely to meet friends and colleagues in [...]

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