A Hallmark Above the Rest

Today I addressed the Hallmark Program participants at @latrobeuni La Trobe University about my career trajectory and 'social intelligence' observations. The post speech questions were an excellent indication that these were a cohort of critically thinking students, not satisfied with the status quo depictions of diverse communities. These sessions continue to reconfirm my belief in speaking my mind, questioning privilege, entitlement and racist policy. Though bigots are never far behind or lacking in ability to [...]

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Invictus Conference

An incredible day at Kimberley College in Brisbane at their annual Invictus Conference. This Conference is four day event in which all secondary school students attend numerous workshops and presentations issues including : mindfulness, loss and grief, goal setting, porn harm & cyber safety, among others, culminating in a concert/ festival finale on Friday.  I delivered three separate workshops to students in Years 10, 11 and 12 on 'Adversity in Diversity' - examining the broader [...]

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Marking the Media

In Brisbane today I participated  in a panel advisory review for a media training project with Griffith University. Colleagues included Michael Rose (Press Council), Prof Mohamad Abdallah, Yasmin Khan, Naseema Mustapha and Research Assoc, Abdi Hersi.  Robust conversations were had on training imperatives for journalists, ethics & motives. There was some critiquing on how stereotypical and lazy journalism could be mitigated with proper training via universities and within media organisations.  As long as custodians of [...]

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From Shepparton to Japan: Diversity Talks and Walks

Today I  addressed the Rotary International District 9800 Annual Conference in Shepparton. As one of a two 'Inspiring Women' speakers, I spoke about the realities of racism embedded in systems in this country that present ongoing changes to Indigenous communities, migrants and refugees. I spoke candidly of my encounters and in depth about the impact of Islamophobia as well. I also commended movements lead by diverse individuals who carved a safe space for their communities [...]

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TC on PC: The IQ2 Debate we had to have

Tonight I featured in the The Ethic's Centre's 'Intelligence Squared Debate (IQ2)' at Sydney Town Hall. This debate is scheduled to be screened on ABC , RN and BBC News in coming weeks (no pressure at all ?) IQ2 HPCFI Partnering with Mikey Robins, we assumed the 'against' position to the topic 'Political Correctness has Failed Itself'. The 'For' team comprised of Australian editor, Chris Kenny and Indigenous Councillor, Jacinta Price. With 8 minutes each [...]

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Honoured to partake in a panel today at the Women of the World festival. #WOWmelb  About WOW: This year, FCAC will partner with London’s Southbank Centre to bring the Women of the World Festival (WOW) to Melbourne between Thursday 23 and Saturday 25 March. As Footscray and FCAC are home to many international communities with both local and global contexts, WOW Melbourne will mirror this diversity in all of its intersections across themes, challenges and [...]

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Lessons in Disruption

This morning I spoke to the Year 10 cohort of Lauriston Girls School about the power of disrupting systems that stifle expression- through art, media and politics. I played them LukaLesson's #PleaseResistme clip- to great reception ?? A switched on class, whose engagement was so encouraging. On days like this, given the questions and content I'm sharing, it only reinforces my disdain for the role hateful propaganda plays in poisoning opinions.  The need to be constantly [...]

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What Does it Mean to Belong?

Toight at Kensington Town Hall, I hosted an event for the City of Melbourne's #melbourneconversations series on 'What does it mean to belong?' My fellow Agent-Provacateurs were Melbourne icon, Arnold Zable and the amazing Zione Walker-Nthenda.  Delivering some seriously introspective banter and the odd eyebrow raiser on this International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination, this event considered if Melbourne is a great multicultural city, why does not everyone feel included or safe? We [...]

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Talking Diversity & Dianella

For Dianella Health's Harmony Day Celebration at Hume Global Learning Centre in Craigieburn, I was delighted to delivers a keynote address. On this UN International Day for the Elimination of Racism, I called out privilege and systems of governance that aren't representative and gave a shout out to the culturally diverse trailblazers in our midst who are central to effecting change.  There were also numerous artists including the Sankalana Cultural Dance Academy performing a stunning [...]

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‘Speaking Your Mind or Toeing the Line’- a Keynote with kick

Kicked off Cultural Diversity week with a keynote address for the University of Melbourne Arts celebrations. I spoke to the topic of 'Speaking your mind or Toeing the line'- examining the importance of speaking and acting in defence of cultural diversity.  Thank you UniMel for this opportunity to headline a week of truly thought provoking and entertaining events. Get to it if you can!#culturaldiversityweek2017 #tasneemchopra #crossculturalconsultant #endracism #endislamophobia #endmisogyny

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