Combatting the Ummm Factor, Like a Pro

The Mumtaza Network today held the   first of its Masterclass Series: Public Speaking Like a Pro. This was a day-long workshop hosted by co-Founder and CEO of the Mumtaza Network, Yassmin Abdel-Magied.The    session aimed to equip participants  with the skills to be the most powerful advocate for their message. I presented on the aspect of speech delivery, or, combatting the 'Ummmm factor'. Talking pace, pitch and presence- I endeavoured to arm attendees with [...]

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Islamophobia… please explain?

Today I participated in a frank conversation with fellow activist Sakdiyah Ma’ruf from Jakarta, on the topic "Islamophobia... please explain?" for a student conference at the University of Melbourne.  Sakdiyah and I talked through our experiences of living through political and personal challenges in this social climate.  The University of Melbourne MD Student Conference conference brings together all 1400 students within the Melbourne Medical School, aiming to explore facets of medicine outside the standard curriculum [...]

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Courting Cultural Competence

Today I facilitated a session on 'Cultural Sensitivity in the Courtroom' for the Judicial Council of Victoria today. With a combined group of Judges, Justices and Magistrates from across theState, this was a stimulating workshop examining: how to be alert to the potential impact of culture in a proceeding; how to better identify when and how culture may be relevant to a proceeding; and, to learn practical tips for managing cultural issues.  This session involved [...]

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Debating our Moral Citizenship Compass

Fascinating day shooting a documentary for ABC's Compass program  on what defines citizenship and how do you measure belonging, in "Team Australia", scheduled to air in July.  A diverse panel and strong opinions informed views, resulting in a revamp of a citizenship test based on 'citizen contributions'. Thanks Neer, Pete, Kumi, Dee, Paul,Jacinta and all the amazing Compass crew for this opportunity.  #makesocialchange #makechangehappen #makeanoise #makeitloud #endxenophobia

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Pressing Change

Meeting the executive team of the Australian Press Council. We discussed the perils of bias experienced via Islamaphobic reportage and the impact in particular to the wellbeing of young Australian Muslims. Am grateful for the candid conversations and look forwarded to exchanging knowledge and expertise towards making change happen. The complaints and adjudication departments of the APC are largely unknown to minority communities and therefore, under utilised. My hope is that with diverse media outlets [...]

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Integrating Disruption One Panel at a Time #HRAFF

Moderating these fine looking disrupters and agitators for a panel discussing "Building Communities: Immigration& Integration" for the Human Rights & Arts Film Festival at ACMI, Federation Square today.  Panellists included Bobuq Sayed, Marion Le, Thanh Hang Pham & Santilla Chingaipe. In under an hour we covered the definition of 'home', negotiating belonging, flawed settlement services for refugees, failed leadership to govern with moral responsibility, media culpability in demonising minorities, structural racism, Indigenous people's dispossession and [...]

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Eyes on the Blake Prize 

The Curators Club.. Standing with Lyndel Winschel (Kinross) and Adam Porter (Casula Powerhouse) following this mornings Symposium on 'The Divine Image' for the 64th Blake Prize Touring exhibition, at the Kinross Arts & Spirituality Centre.  The preliminary panel discussion examined 'affectation' in art, how interpretations are not absolute & how art is provocative, evocative, political and spiritual depending on what side of the cultural divide you exist. Robust conversation and insightful observations ensued about many [...]

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Authentic Engagement that matters 

A memorable Welcome to Country from Jirrawong Country man, Jida Gulpilil to launch theAmbulance Victoria    "Consumer & Community Engagement Plan", in Bendigo. Jida is an undergrad paramedic (double degree in Health Science and Paramedical Science) via the AV pathways intake at Bendigo's La Trobe campus. Whilst studying, Jida is also fulfilling a role through AV of a Community Officer, reaching out to and mentoring  Indigenous youth locally. This accomplished and extraordinary man represents the [...]

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Keating, Trump & Asia- a dynamic triangle 

Attending "Strengthening Our Rich History with Asia in a time of Trump" at the Melbourne Recital Centre tonight.  Featuring: Paul Keating in conversation with Nick Bisley and Alan Gyngell (La Trobe, Asia) as part of the 'Ideas & Society Program' of La Trobe University. PK, former PM renown for his dry wit and memorable quips, including: Banana Republic, All tip, no iceberg, & Arse end of the world et al.. regaled the audience with contemporary [...]

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