Finding Faith in Conflict

Attending the ‘Faith-Based Governance Dispute Resolution Conference at Victoria University. Morning session was ‘Between Religion & Democracy: How can religious law fit within a secular legal system? Speakers included a Jewish and Anglican professor.  Mid-morning session looked at a panel on ‘Conciliating Cultures: Family Dispute Resolution in faith based communities’ - hearing Muslim, Jewish and Indigenous community perspectives.  Afternoon session:Religion & Respectful Relationships: Family violence prevention in faith based communities’, examining broader legal implications and the [...]

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Highly Commended Heroes

At the 2017 VicHealth Awards, acknowledging the significant achievements of individuals and organisations across the State, championing award winning health initiatives. Particularly excited for #AmbulanceVic for being a finalist in the #ImprovingMentalWellBeing category for their ‘Mental Health & Well Being Strategy 2016-2019’- who took out a ‘Highly Commended’ placing in this category!!Absolutely proud of this world class organisation delivering excellence in patient care and workforce wellbeing.

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Lenticular Dwellings & Diasporas: People & Places

At ‘Lenticular Dwelling’ - a fascinating lecture by Professor Ghassan Hage. As part of the ADI Symposium: "Aesthetic Anxiety or Performative Subjectivity: National narratives encountering migrant architecture"  In summary- this examined how who were are and where we live, and where we’ve been, and want to be- collectively impact how we live.   The Diasporic Condition is Hage’s upcoming book, analysing 20 years of fieldwork of the Lebanese people, between Lebanon, Venezuela, Brazil, US ,Montreal and [...]

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Black Lives Matter making inroads in Australian Activism 

These are some of the highlights from today’s event during which participants had an opportunity to meet with the#BlackLivesMatter* founders and share experiences and learnings from their fight for racial equality.  This event enabled people of colour, young and old, to hold conversations about how to build a movement and fortify power together.  Experiences included: Sharing stories of oppression & survival A panel featuring First Nation Leaders Art & performances Meeting colleagues involved in creating [...]

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50 Years of Structural  Racism in Australia- Are we Learning from or Losing the battle?

Superb keynote from Fed Race Discrimination Commissioner, Dr Tim Southpommasane, at Alfred Deakin Institute Conference on ‘50 Year’s of naming institutional racism: realising racial equity or intensifying injustices?’ He deftly conveyed how structural racism as a banal form of discrimination is often implied without malice, unaware of the power paradigms which fuel its existence. Further analysis ensued on being colourblind & identity politics and how these issues entrench the experience of structural racism at the [...]

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A Panel for all Reasons

Courtesy of Gerard Mansour, Commissioner for Seniors, Victoria:"Honoured to have shared the stage today with Australia’s leading voices on race, gender, sexuality, disability and LGBTIQ rights at the 2017 ACOSS National Conference. Understanding how different types of discrimination - ageism, sexism, racism, ableism - interact is crucial for achieving true diversity and inclusion. Thank you Jax Jacki Brown-Disability and Queer Rights Activist, Professor Muriel Bamblett, Tasneem Chopra, Starlady and Ro Allen (via video!) for a [...]

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Making Inroads into Strategic Change

Today I delivered a keynote address to an inaugural VIcRoadsLeadership Forum.  I discussed the moral and fiscal imperatives of culturally diverse strategies of inclusion in management, upon a context of systemic discrimination impacting minorities.  I may or may not have opened with my roadworthy tweet* (see what I did there): “Why stay in your lane when real change occurs off road, and you can re write the rules?”  *TO RAPTUROUS APPLAUSE  #diversityandinclusion #blueprint #tasneemchopra #crossculturalconsultant [...]

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A Diverse Emergency

Today I had the opportunity to deliver a keynote address to the Australasian College of Emergency Medicine, before a cohort of Emergency Medicine physicians. I spoke to the issue of Diversity in Leadership, as a productivity and moral imperative in a climate of increased cultural diversity in Australia, as well as national benchmarks and gender gap realities. I also emphasised the distinction between knowledge gained as medical CONTENT (of skill), versus knowledge gained as prevailing [...]

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Embracing the ABC of Diversity at CCC

Today I delivered a workshop/ presentation on 'Embracing Multiculturalism', as part of the PD program for staff of the Caroline Chisolm College in Braybrook. It's always a pleasure to use these platforms to share the work of colleagues who live by example in bringing their diversity centre stage, challenging convention with full conviction. I'm looking at you @thesukimonster @lukalesson @dengadut & @randaafattah There are SO many examples of resilience and brilliance coming from individuals who combat [...]

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Taking AAIMS

Enjoyed a rigorous panel discussion at ACU, for the Melbourne launch of the Australian Association of Islamic & Muslim Studies (AAIMS). Discussing the issue of Islamophobia in Australia, my co-panelists Fethi Mansouri, JoshRoose and I, came at this topic from an academic and community sector perspective.  This included sharing detailed extracts from the Islamophobia in Australia report, discussing the psycho-social impacts on youth and Muslim women in particular and the trajectory of increased racism in [...]

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