Women Walking the Double Glazed Glass Ceiling Talk

Tonght I participated in a Victorian Women Lawyers EVENT: FACING THE DOUBLE CEILING  The discussion focused on navigating the challenges of the ‘double ceiling for CALD women- in what was referred to as an often, double glazed/ bamboo/ reinforced steel/ concrete ceiling for Indigenous and CALD communities in varying circumstances.  The ‘double ceiling’ analogy refers to the intersection of gender and culture that affects the progression of women in most industries.  Panellists included: Maria Dimopoulos, [...]

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Breaking The Hussain Barrier

This funny guy’s humour was on point last night. Congrats @nazeemhussain for a top show with #NoPainNoHussain at The Forum, as part of Melbourne’s International Comedy Festival.  This was a brilliant meld of racial, cultural and socio-political cues that didn’t hold back, most times 😏 If you’re looking for banter, clever improv and a no holds barred critique of Islamophobia 101, blocking trolls, Bollywood bad asses and redesigning the Australian flag plus hilarious anecdotal insights- [...]

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Amina of Zaria – Project with Purpose

Starting the week off with something a little left of centre, speaking to Michelle- from #aminaofzaria, for their online storytelling project profiling WOC change makers. It was an absolute pleasure to share insights with her and learn about the ways nurturing and celebrating diversity inform our respective praxis. I look forward to the YouTube release of six episodes in the coming months. Enterprises in the arts that take risks and capture stories of diverse communities, [...]

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Curious & Curiouser

Today I had the pleasure of a behind-the-scenes scoping of the almost completed installation of ‘Wonderland’. Billed as an ‘immersive exhibition that takes you down the rabbit hole’, this exhibition is scheduled to open April 5th and is an #ACMI commission that ticks all the boxes per sensory stimulation.  For those who love adventure, technology and the allegory of childhood classics, Wonderland is an exhibition that dazzles the auditory and tactile senses, inviting an interaction [...]

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TerraNullius Makes Waves

Attending #ACMI’s premiere of ‘Terra Nullius’ - an Australian film that examines this nation’s sense of self, without apology or exception.  Shout outs to #SodaJerk’s Dan & Dominique, ACMI’s CEO, Katrina Sedgwick and guest film launcher, Kate White, for brilliant speeches Check out this stellar review from The Guardian . #artysmarty #terranulliusfilm #indyartists #braveart

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A Very Melbourne Week of Politics, Art and Wrongful Haircuts..

So. Melbourne. #NewsTherapy with these two oracles🤓, Raf Epstein & Jonathan Green, reviewing the week that was. Canvassing : Trinity Haircut Gate; Denuclearisation in the time of Trump; Victorian & NSW government’s commitment to child sexual abuse victims’ redress via compensation; White Australia policy masquerading as stringent language testing; Michelle Obama’s portrait and the power of representation through art; gun-guitars (!); SBS’s #SafeHarbour doing storytelling that’s salient; #Atlanta on #iTunes and, the resurrection of nuanced [...]

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#MeToo Close to Home

On the #MeToo crisis, close to home article extracted  from my Confernece presentation at the ‘Agency for Muslim Women: An Australian Context’ on February 22nd "The recent spate of sexual abuse and sexual impropriety incidents have affirmed that the Muslim community and some of its most visible and prominent figures are far from immune to this affliction. It is the community that must police itself and take any and all measures to prevent further [...]

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Learnings from Apartheid’s inhumanity

The harrowing, confronting and unmistakable travesty of apartheid is detailed in the chronology of Capetown’s District Six, through the stories and artefacts of its earlier vibrant community of freed slaves, merchants, artisans, labourers and immigrants. The first to be forced out were black South Africans who were displaced from the District in 1901. In 1966 it was declared a white area under the Group Areas Act of 1950, and by 1982, the life of the [...]

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Summer Drummin’ 

Brace yourselves ! Tonight’s Drum guests featured Tasneem Chopra, Dr Darren Saunders and Patricia Forsythe, with summer host, Adam Sanders.  We spoke about prime numbers, cryptography, distributed computing, cancer care and survivorship, role of Govt vs philanthropy, Melb crime and wages growth My comments per Melb crime and racist invective in dealing with this ... “This Govt has adopted a very conservative approach to the way it views crime. They colour-code. Peter Dutton has singled [...]

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Perceptions that Matter

Tonight I attended a welcome dinner for the five latest Indonesian delegates of the AIMEP, along with various local alumni from years past. It was an opportunity to learn from each other about national perceptions of the other in our home countries. Not surprisingly, their questions about the languishing refugees on Manus Island and the increased prevalence of Islamophobic hate crimes were key issues framing their perceptions about Australia. It confirmed to me that these [...]

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