Rebels, Revolutionaries & Us via Planet TEDxMelbourne

"What does the world need more of right now?" - the ethos underpinning this TEDxMelbourne event, 'Rebels, Revolutionaries & Us'.  Like I even need a reason to rebel šŸ˜Ž Highlights included human rights lawyer, activist @ author @DengAdut1 who gave a raw, honest and unconventional questioning of the oppression of the status quo. Later, Mond Qu, a Digital Architect who deftly demonstrated how seamlessly fake news or sustainable inventions are enabled via technology & imagination  [...]

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A Film Festivus for the Rest of Us

Good times at opening night of the #ArabFilmFestival , screening the Lebanese film, 'Mahbas'- a hilarious rom-com parodying a cross cultural wedding of characteristic high drama and family quirks.   Congratulations Festival Director, Fadia Abboud, your team and the wonderful  sponsors including CAAR and Abu Dhabi Tourism &Culture for bringing this fabulous festival to town. Every year these films arrive to rapturous audiences who devour the humour, pathos and idiosyncrasies of these stories. Last night [...]

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Why Leadership Culture requires Cultural LeadersĀ 

Completed a presentation on Diversity in Leadership for the Maurice Blackburn Annual Leaders Meeting this morning. Robust and rigorous conversation ensued around issues of equality, minority representation and the business & moral imperative of recognising our diverse communities as an asset. There's clearly major breadth in this subject, which I'm pleased to see is gaining traction from MB - already leaders in various initiatives, now aiming for even more substantive measures.  Congrats to all involved in [...]

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AMWCHR – Report Findings to Mitigate Trauma for Women & Children

Congratulations to the #australianmuslimwomenscentreforhumanrights for the launch of 'Marrying Young' and the 'Out-Of-Home Care' resources, which as Chair of the Board, I had the pleasure of officiating at today's event.  This research signals vital information supporting the need for culturally specific services to resource young women and children towards improved wellbeing, agency and empowerment. Further, community led and community directed programs produced the highest buy-in from this cohort, demonstrating crucial rapport with services where clients [...]

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Occupational Violence Kills our Life SaversĀ 

The Australian Medical fraternity is deeply saddened by the death of heart surgeon, Mr Patrick Pritzwald-Stegmann who was fatally attacked with a one-hit punch while on duty last month, in a random act of violence perpetrated by a visitor at the hospital. My deepest condolences go out to his family, friends and colleagues at Box Hill hospital In his professional capacity, Mr Pritzwald-Stegmann was a highly skilled cardiothoracic surgeon, a member of AMA Victoria, [...]

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Keeping The Faith- One Journey at aTimeĀ 

Commentary of the wanderlust kind, promoting Zanzibar - as part of #TheAge newspapers #Traveller lift-out report on 'Keeping the Faith'.  This edition by Brian Johnson, highlighted Muslim majority lead countries as travel destinations, debunking commonly held presumptions, including shoutout tips from myself (Zanzibar) Waleed Aly (Oman) Azahn Munas (Dubai) & Tahmina Rashid (Lahore). Honestly, it was a welcome joy to relate such insights in this climate . #zanzibar #roots #roads #stories #traveltheworld  

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Playing Like a Girl #winning

Am pleased to be supporting the obvious passion, via pathways through the 'Multicultural Women In Sport', inaugural launch. Multicultural Women in Sport is an organisation that is working towards the increasing participation of multicultural women in sports for empowerment, well-being The panellists for the event are: Margot Foster AM: Lawyer, Olympian, Chairman ā€“ Vicsport, Board Member ā€“ Olympians Club of Victoria, Committee Member ā€“ Women of the MCC; former director VicHealth, Australian Sports Commission, Gymnastics [...]

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Thank You to Everyday Heroes

As a Director on the Board of Ambulance Victoria, I am so very proud of the work of our first responders and our paramedics in particular.  This video, however, is an acknowledgement of thanks to the citizen responders who turned up in a show of heart warming unity to attend & support strangers during the carnage of the Bourke street car rampage two weeks ago. The spirit of Melburnians showing guts and grace under fire [...]

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Never Alone in the Fight for SurvivalĀ 

Grateful to #RosieBatty for her tireless campaigning to end family violence & violence against women and children. Whether she's shining a light on communities efforts in this space in Melbourne, Alice Springs, FNQ, or overseas - Rosie's messaging is the same; violence is never acceptable and survivors are 'Never Alone'. Im honoured to be a recently appointed Director on the Luke Batty Foundation for which Rosie is CEO. Work in this space ensures diverse communities [...]

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Womens March to End All

Am feeling unexpectedly optimistic- at the sight of millions of women converging across the globe in solidarity against sexism, racism and human rights abuses. Collectively, millions of voices are gaining momentum at a critical time. And while countering change will take more than a March, it is futile without investment from people at grassroots through to policy making levels - ALL starting from the same page. THIS is what this #WomensMarch represents to me; a shared [...]

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