Summer Drummin’ 

Brace yourselves ! Tonight’s Drum guests featured Tasneem Chopra, Dr Darren Saunders and Patricia Forsythe, with summer host, Adam Sanders.  We spoke about prime numbers, cryptography, distributed computing, cancer care and survivorship, role of Govt vs philanthropy, Melb crime and wages growth My comments per Melb crime and racist invective in dealing with this ... “This Govt has adopted a very conservative approach to the way it views crime. They colour-code. Peter Dutton has singled [...]

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Perceptions that Matter

Tonight I attended a welcome dinner for the five latest Indonesian delegates of the AIMEP, along with various local alumni from years past. It was an opportunity to learn from each other about national perceptions of the other in our home countries. Not surprisingly, their questions about the languishing refugees on Manus Island and the increased prevalence of Islamophobic hate crimes were key issues framing their perceptions about Australia. It confirmed to me that these [...]

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‘Stand Up, Fight Back’ : The National Tragedy of Manus Island Refugees Forgotten by Leaders

“When refugees are under attack - what do we do?Stand up! Fight back!” Along with thousands , we gathered en masse to protest the Turnbull/Dutton Regime’s brutal human rights transgressions on Manus Island.  These calls to shift refugee policy continue around the country despite this Government’s intractable record of racism and fear mongering - in full defiance of global condemnation.  These rallies effectively represent the only outlet we have to show the refugees in Manus [...]

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Attending the #ICV Annual Dinner, featuring Keynote Speaker: Prof Gillian Triggs, Former Pres. of the Australian Human Rights Commission. She addressed:‘Rising Islamophobia in a Post Truth World’. Included in her speech were: The importance of pushing back against tide of hate, and speaking truth to the hate emanating from government parties, like One Nation.  The spate of Islamophobic acts, ranging from attacks against Yassmin Abdel Magied & Sam Dastyari through to the countless hundreds we [...]

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Where Are You Really From?

There is a sweet irony in the recent slew of disgraced Australian MP’s who it turns out have been acting outside of a constitution they purport to represent. Albeit unknowingly. Surely though, the checks and balances they legislate for exist for a reason; bureaucracy is their baby, right? And as citizens, the rest of us are routinely expected to jump hoops to qualify for any government entitlements, from social security, housing as well as citizenship [...]

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I Am Not Your Negro

Feeling at once enraged and in awe of the formidable mind, that is James Baldwin. Thinker, disrupter and truth teller, Baldwin’s stand on calling out the vice of white power in historical and present day oppression of Black Americans, was uncompromising. This film followed his close associations with Medger, MalcolmX and MLK, revealing an inspiring camaraderie in shared visions, that history would prefer to suppress. The juxtaposing of film and news footage, between Baldwin’s notable [...]

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Sky High Heroes

Thrilled to visit the HEMS2 facility in Traralgon, as part of the #AmbulanceVic board tour to a regional site. The breadth of clinical and technical expertise demanded of the air ambulance personnel was phenomenal.  The risks they take so that the rest of us experience patient centred excellence - is remarkable. Am extremely proud to champion an organisation like AV, knowing the quality service they strive for and life saving work they provide, which is [...]

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Rebels, Revolutionaries & Us via Planet TEDxMelbourne

"What does the world need more of right now?" - the ethos underpinning this TEDxMelbourne event, 'Rebels, Revolutionaries & Us'.  Like I even need a reason to rebel 😎 Highlights included human rights lawyer, activist @ author @DengAdut1 who gave a raw, honest and unconventional questioning of the oppression of the status quo. Later, Mond Qu, a Digital Architect who deftly demonstrated how seamlessly fake news or sustainable inventions are enabled via technology & imagination  [...]

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A Film Festivus for the Rest of Us

Good times at opening night of the #ArabFilmFestival , screening the Lebanese film, 'Mahbas'- a hilarious rom-com parodying a cross cultural wedding of characteristic high drama and family quirks.   Congratulations Festival Director, Fadia Abboud, your team and the wonderful  sponsors including CAAR and Abu Dhabi Tourism &Culture for bringing this fabulous festival to town. Every year these films arrive to rapturous audiences who devour the humour, pathos and idiosyncrasies of these stories. Last night [...]

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Why Leadership Culture requires Cultural Leaders 

Completed a presentation on Diversity in Leadership for the Maurice Blackburn Annual Leaders Meeting this morning. Robust and rigorous conversation ensued around issues of equality, minority representation and the business & moral imperative of recognising our diverse communities as an asset. There's clearly major breadth in this subject, which I'm pleased to see is gaining traction from MB - already leaders in various initiatives, now aiming for even more substantive measures.  Congrats to all involved in [...]

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