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Perceptions that Matter

Tonight I attended a welcome dinner for the five latest Indonesian delegates of the AIMEP, along with various local alumni from years past. It was an opportunity to learn from each other about national perceptions of the other in our home countries. Not surprisingly, their questions about the languishing refugees on Manus Island and the increased prevalence of Islamophobic hate crimes were key issues framing their perceptions about Australia. It confirmed to me that these [...]

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News Therapy in a Week of Madness

ABC Melbourne News Therapy with Raf and Jonathan tonight, reviewing the maddest week for some time. Stories from The Banking Royal Commission zig-zag, torrential rains and floods about town, One Nation’s continued decline into irrelevance, 45’s predilection for diabolical tweets, Melania’s use of Christmas decor to manifest marital discord, the Manus Island refugee crisis, Yusuf Islam’s ‘The Laughing Apple’ art exhibition launch at the Islamic MuseumOf Australia, schooling British Islamophobes, and despacito chicken you tube [...]

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‘Stand Up, Fight Back’ : The National Tragedy of Manus Island Refugees Forgotten by Leaders

“When refugees are under attack - what do we do?Stand up! Fight back!” Along with thousands , we gathered en masse to protest the Turnbull/Dutton Regime’s brutal human rights transgressions on Manus Island.  These calls to shift refugee policy continue around the country despite this Government’s intractable record of racism and fear mongering - in full defiance of global condemnation.  These rallies effectively represent the only outlet we have to show the refugees in Manus [...]

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SalamFest: When Peace Meets Art to Shift Narratives

Congrats to Ayesha Bux and her team for launching the Salam Fest – Muslim Arts Festival 2017 today. This three day Muslim Arts Festival is to be held at State Library Victoria from Friday 24 to Sunday 26 November 2017, will celebrate the long standing contribuitions of the diverse Muslim community in culture, art and cuisine. .the theme of which is ‘Peace Love and Compassion’. This festival will feature: Sufi poets, whirling dervishes, musicians, mosaic artists, [...]

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Drumming to the Beat of Fair Pay

Tonight on ABC’s The Drum, I addresses issues from Mugabes resignation to the issue of low wages and increased expectations- challenging ideas that part time workers who are overworked and underpaid DO NOT appreciate the exploitation or have the luxury of choice#seriously #thedrum #abc #tasneemchopra #crossculturalconsultant

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Stuff Not Fluff: Bringing Academic Insights to the ‘burbs

To celebrate the UN International Peace Day 2017 on 21st November, Basmala ISU and Islamic Council of NSW hosted a Double Book Launch which I emceed, called:  “Stuff not Fluff: Improving Narratives on Refugees and Migrants Though Increased Dialogue & Informed Debates Influenced by Scholarly Literature” at the Bankstown library. The 2017 theme set by the UN for this year was “Together for Peace: Respect, Safety and Dignity for All” with a focus on improving [...]

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When Small Mercies make a Big Difference: Acknowledging our Community Heroes

Attended the Ambulance Victoria 2017 18th Annual Community Hero Awards, ‘Ordinary people...Extraordinary actions’. A beautiful celebration acknowledging local Victorians who have intervened in ways that saved lives, nominated by paramedics attending scenes. These everyday heroes, included 10year old Sophie Matthews and 5 year old James Tonks. Sophie and her then 7 year old sister, Annabel, made the decision to call 000 after they found their father collapsed and having a seizure. Their quick thinking and listening [...]

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Attending the #ICV Annual Dinner, featuring Keynote Speaker: Prof Gillian Triggs, Former Pres. of the Australian Human Rights Commission. She addressed:‘Rising Islamophobia in a Post Truth World’. Included in her speech were: The importance of pushing back against tide of hate, and speaking truth to the hate emanating from government parties, like One Nation.  The spate of Islamophobic acts, ranging from attacks against Yassmin Abdel Magied & Sam Dastyari through to the countless hundreds we [...]

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Lenticular Dwellings & Diasporas: People & Places

At ‘Lenticular Dwelling’ - a fascinating lecture by Professor Ghassan Hage. As part of the ADI Symposium: "Aesthetic Anxiety or Performative Subjectivity: National narratives encountering migrant architecture"  In summary- this examined how who were are and where we live, and where we’ve been, and want to be- collectively impact how we live.   The Diasporic Condition is Hage’s upcoming book, analysing 20 years of fieldwork of the Lebanese people, between Lebanon, Venezuela, Brazil, US ,Montreal and [...]

2017-11-30T11:56:50+00:00 November 16th, 2017|

Where Are You Really From?

There is a sweet irony in the recent slew of disgraced Australian MP’s who it turns out have been acting outside of a constitution they purport to represent. Albeit unknowingly. Surely though, the checks and balances they legislate for exist for a reason; bureaucracy is their baby, right? And as citizens, the rest of us are routinely expected to jump hoops to qualify for any government entitlements, from social security, housing as well as citizenship [...]

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