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Keating, Trump & Asia- a dynamic triangle 

Attending "Strengthening Our Rich History with Asia in a time of Trump" at the Melbourne Recital Centre tonight.  Featuring: Paul Keating in conversation with Nick Bisley and Alan Gyngell (La Trobe, Asia) as part of the 'Ideas & Society Program' of La Trobe University. PK, former PM renown for his dry wit and memorable quips, including: Banana Republic, All tip, no iceberg, & Arse end of the world et al.. regaled the audience with contemporary [...]

April 28th, 2017|

A Hallmark Above the Rest

Today I addressed the Hallmark Program participants at @latrobeuni La Trobe University about my career trajectory and 'social intelligence' observations. The post speech questions were an excellent indication that these were a cohort of critically thinking students, not satisfied with the status quo depictions of diverse communities. These sessions continue to reconfirm my belief in speaking my mind, questioning privilege, entitlement and racist policy. Though bigots are never far behind or lacking in ability to [...]

April 28th, 2017|

Keeping The Faith- One Journey at aTime 

Commentary of the wanderlust kind, promoting Zanzibar - as part of #TheAge newspapers #Traveller lift-out report on 'Keeping the Faith'.  This edition by Brian Johnson, highlighted Muslim majority lead countries as travel destinations, debunking commonly held presumptions, including shoutout tips from myself (Zanzibar) Waleed Aly (Oman) Azahn Munas (Dubai) & Tahmina Rashid (Lahore).  http://www.traveller.com.au/the-islamic-world-and-why-you-should-visit-gvm21g Honestly, it was a welcome joy to relate such insights in this climate . #zanzibar #roots #roads #stories #traveltheworld  

April 22nd, 2017|

Invictus Conference

An incredible day at Kimberley College in Brisbane at their annual Invictus Conference. This Conference is four day event in which all secondary school students attend numerous workshops and presentations issues including : mindfulness, loss and grief, goal setting, porn harm & cyber safety, among others, culminating in a concert/ festival finale on Friday.  I delivered three separate workshops to students in Years 10, 11 and 12 on 'Adversity in Diversity' - examining the broader [...]

April 20th, 2017|

Marking the Media

In Brisbane today I participated  in a panel advisory review for a media training project with Griffith University. Colleagues included Michael Rose (Press Council), Prof Mohamad Abdallah, Yasmin Khan, Naseema Mustapha and Research Assoc, Abdi Hersi.  Robust conversations were had on training imperatives for journalists, ethics & motives. There was some critiquing on how stereotypical and lazy journalism could be mitigated with proper training via universities and within media organisations.  As long as custodians of [...]

April 10th, 2017|

Sammy Hey

Took a break from the weather and media mayhem to indulge in the goodness that is the Melbourne International Comedy Festival. Along with a full house, we sat back to hear 'Sammy J' in 'Hero Complex', expound his childhood obsession with The Phantom, in tandem with a distant demagoguery of Duncan Munro- the school cleaner turned ASIO officer. The way SJ brilliantly meshed these seemingly disparate threads into an unlikely - but true- tale of [...]

April 6th, 2017|

You Do Not Speak for Us

A message to one of the worlds most celebrated Islamaphobia Brand Ambassadors, Ayaan Hirsi Ali. 'You Don't Speak For Us'. Congrats to all involved in making this happen, especially 'Persons of Interest' production.  This is a win for free speech that's not hateful and inciting violence. Two hours after this videos release, we learned AHA cancelled her tour, for a series of reasons.  It's important to note. She was not from stopped speaking in Australia- [...]

April 2nd, 2017|

A Vibrant Benevelonce Dinner 

A beautiful evening emceeing the Benevolence Australia Community Dinner tonight - marking their tenth year of operation!🙌🏾Such a great vibe- of people, food and messaging, only enhanced by the vibrant guest speaker, the inimitable Yassmin Abdelmagied.  Congrats to Team Bene, their amazing volunteers and hundreds of supporters for ensuring this event staple is the ongoing success it has always been #bless

April 1st, 2017|

From Shepparton to Japan: Diversity Talks and Walks

Today I  addressed the Rotary International District 9800 Annual Conference in Shepparton. As one of a two 'Inspiring Women' speakers, I spoke about the realities of racism embedded in systems in this country that present ongoing changes to Indigenous communities, migrants and refugees. I spoke candidly of my encounters and in depth about the impact of Islamophobia as well. I also commended movements lead by diverse individuals who carved a safe space for their communities [...]

April 1st, 2017|

Drumming to a Brexit & Human Rights beat

Tonight on #TheDrum we discussed Brexit, the Australia-China extradition treaty & ACTU's call for $45/week increase to the minimum wage. Plus cats.  Joining host Ellen Fanning were co-host of ABC's Minefield podcast Scott Stephens, UK Conservative Party Peter Lilley MP, cross cultural consultant Tasneem Chopra & Menzies Research Centre's Nick Cater. Human rights China and Australia

March 29th, 2017|