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Curious & Curiouser

Today I had the pleasure of a behind-the-scenes scoping of the almost completed installation of ‘Wonderland’. Billed as an ‘immersive exhibition that takes you down the rabbit hole’, this exhibition is scheduled to open April 5th and is an #ACMI commission that ticks all the boxes per sensory stimulation.  For those who love adventure, technology and the allegory of childhood classics, Wonderland is an exhibition that dazzles the auditory and tactile senses, inviting an interaction [...]

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Let Me Count the 1.6 Billion Ways…

At the ‘Ways to Be Muslim’ launch at the IMA tonight. An exhibition about ‘what being Muslim means to me’. Importantly, the motivation behind this showcase was to share hundreds of insights- by Muslims, for Muslims. In an era fixated with attending to public perceptions, these images in frames and digital projections, spoke to one other. To this end, all the statements assumed greater significance as intimate, spiritual and even political affirmations. A healing and [...]

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TerraNullius Makes Waves

Attending #ACMI’s premiere of ‘Terra Nullius’ - an Australian film that examines this nation’s sense of self, without apology or exception.  Shout outs to #SodaJerk’s Dan & Dominique, ACMI’s CEO, Katrina Sedgwick and guest film launcher, Kate White, for brilliant speeches Check out this stellar review from The Guardian https://www.theguardian.com/film/2018/mar/20/terror-nullius-review-dazzling-kinetic-mishmashed-beast-of-an-australian-film?CMP=Share_iOSApp_Other . #artysmarty #terranulliusfilm #indyartists #braveart

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Lived Experiences Shaping Diversity

This morning I participated in a candid session of storytelling, as part of the harmony week celebrations held by SE Water in Frankston. The ‘Lived Experiences’ discussions included four co-panellists; Sebastian, Mazia, Jeremy, Dawn and myself. We each shared our experiences of migration, inclusion and at times, exclusion. I want to commend the HR team at SE water, and Majella in particular, for embracing this honest and unconventional yet simple method of providing a platform [...]

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Proud to Belong: A Victorian Story

Tonight’s Premier Gala Dinner 2018, heralds Victoria’s Cultural Diversity Week, this year themed ‘Proud to Belong’* . A highlight of the dinner featured the launch of a stunning publication profiling culturally diverse Victorians, who are just that.  Aside from this dinner being an evening of colourful celebration, it was, as always an affirmation of this State’s commitment to the protection and promotion of multiculturalism and inclusive policy.  Was lovely to meet friends and colleagues in [...]

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But Where Are You Really From?

Tonight I presented a keynote address for the Human Rights Forum, ‘Where Are You Really From’- held by @cityofgreaterbendigo and @zindafestival .  Following my keynote, a superb panel discussion ensued about identity & belonging and how navigating these issues affects our human rights. Facilitated by Kate McInnes (LCMS), my copanellists included Rodney (Dja Dja Warrung leader), Lisa Chesters MP, Sonia Vignjevic (VMC), Moustapha Al Rawi (resident) and myself. Audience participation was high, indicating a passion [...]

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ArtySmarty Indulgence in Melbourne’s Arts Precinct

Enjoyed a night of arts precinct indulgence beginning at the Melbourne Recital Centre for #Rebetiko - a festival celebrating 100 years of Greek urban music of the underground from Istanbul, Athens, Thessaloniki & Melbourne. Next up, at #TheMalthouse, saw one of the final performances of ‘Good Muslim Boy, by Osamah Sami. Co starring Rodney Afif and Nicole Nabout. Synopsis:  "Drawing from his award–winning novel of the same name and his recent smash hit film Ali’s Wedding, [...]

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A Very Melbourne Week of Politics, Art and Wrongful Haircuts..

So. Melbourne. #NewsTherapy with these two oracles🤓, Raf Epstein & Jonathan Green, reviewing the week that was. Canvassing : Trinity Haircut Gate; Denuclearisation in the time of Trump; Victorian & NSW government’s commitment to child sexual abuse victims’ redress via compensation; White Australia policy masquerading as stringent language testing; Michelle Obama’s portrait and the power of representation through art; gun-guitars (!); SBS’s #SafeHarbour doing storytelling that’s salient; #Atlanta on #iTunes and, the resurrection of nuanced [...]

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Talking Arts, Sports & Community through a Gendered Lens

Tonights #InternationalWomensDay evening at Stonnington Library involved a conversation facilitated by broadcaster and author, Sally Warhaft. My copanellists included YA author and broadcaster, Nicole Hayes and Stonnington Councillor, Jami Kilsaris We canvassed: - Reflections on #MeToo and what it might mean in the future - Equal pay. Will we ever get there when women are still the carers? - What can organisations, institutions and corporations do to change working culture for women (and men)? - How [...]

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Making Clean Noise- the EPA & Diversity 

This morning I addressed an ‘#InternationalWomensDay breakfast for the Environmental Protection Authority (EPA). I spoke to the issue of ”Cultural and Gender Diversity in Leadership’ in light of the UN theme for IWD being ‘leave no woman behind’. It was telling that the Board Chair of the EPA stressed that our physical and social environments prosper, are protected and enhanced by diversity in all its variance. My concluding point was “the breadth and resolution of this [...]

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